Chapter 4.51


4.51.010    Name of funds.

4.51.020    Purpose of funds.

4.51.030    Source of funds.

4.51.040    Fund manager.

4.51.010 Name of funds.

There is hereby created a special revenue fund to be known as the DWI victim panel fund.

(Added Ord. 92-064, June 24, 1992).

4.51.020 Purpose of funds.

The purpose of the DWI victim panel fund is to pay for the cost incurred by the Snohomish county DWI victim panel.

(Added Ord. 92-064, June 24, 1992).

4.51.030 Source of funds.

The fund established by this chapter may receive funding from the following sources:

(1) All fees imposed by Snohomish county courts designated as DWI victim witness panel fees;

(2) All funds granted by the Washington state traffic safety commission of Washington state;

(3) All funds granted from the Snohomish county general fund; and

(4) All funds granted by any person, company, corporation, or other parties interested in the DWI victim witness panel.

(Added Ord. 92-064, June 24, 1992).

4.51.040 Fund manager.

The county executive shall designate fund manager whose name and title shall appear on the master list of fund managers maintained in the department of budget and finance.

(Added Ord. 92-064, June 24, 1992).