Chapter 4.52B


4.52B.010    Purpose.

4.52B.020    Booking fee imposed.

4.52B.010 Purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to impose a fee upon persons booked into the county jail, as authorized by RCW 70.48.390.

(Added Ord. 01-042, June 27, 2001, Eff date July 8, 2001).

4.52B.020 Booking fee imposed.

(1) Each person who is booked into the Snohomish County jail shall be assessed a booking fee of ten dollars.

(2) The booking fee shall be paid immediately from any money possessed by that person at time of booking, or from any money deposited with the department of corrections on that person’s behalf.

(3) If the person booked into jail has no funds at the time of booking or during the period of incarceration, the director of corrections may notify the court in the county or city where the charges related to the booking are pending and may request that the court assess the fee.

(4) Unless the person is held on other criminal matters, if the person is not charged, is acquitted, or if all charges are dismissed, the director of corrections shall return the fee to the person at the last known address listed in the booking records.

(5) Subsections (1) through (3) of this section shall not apply to persons booked into the Snohomish County jail after September 5, 2006.

(Added Ord. 01-042, June 27, 2001, Eff date July 8, 2001; Emerg. Ord. 06-076, Sept. 6, 2006, Eff date Sept. 6, 2006).