Chapter 4.54A


4.54A.010    Purpose.

4.54A.020    Sources of funding.

4.54A.040    Use of funds.

4.54A.050    Severability.

4.54A.060    Effective date.

*Code reviser’s note: Ords. 82-100 and 83-167 established new chapters with the same chapter designation. The new chapter established by Ord. 83-167 has been designated chapter 4.54A SCC until such time as one of the chapters is renumbered by ordinance.

4.54A.010 Purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to establish a cumulative reserve fund pursuant to RCW 36.33.020 to be known as the jail reserve fund.

(Added Ord. 83-167, § 1, Dec. 29, 1983).

4.54A.020 Sources of funding.

Initial funding for this cumulative reserve fund shall be a contribution of $2,106,001 from the current expense fund drawn from the uncommitted portion of the 1/2 percent sales tax authorized under senate bill 4972 and adopted by council resolution on April 27, 1982 (Res. 82-54).

Additional contributions from other revenue sources may be made from time to time as deemed appropriate by the county council.

(Added Ord. 83-167, § 1, Dec. 29, 1983).

4.54A.040 Use of funds.

The funds from this cumulative reserve fund shall be used to cover the excess costs of jail construction not reimbursed by other agencies, and future year costs of maintaining and operating the county jail not covered by other funding sources.

(Added Ord. 83-167, § 1, Dec. 29, 1983).

4.54A.050 Severability.

If any provisions of this chapter or its application to any person or circumstance is held invalid the remainder of this chapter or any provision to other persons or circumstances is not affected.

(Added Ord. 83-167, § 1, Dec. 29, 1983).

4.54A.060 Effective date.

The effective date of this chapter shall be January 1, 1984.

(Added Ord. 83-167, § 1, Dec. 29, 1983).