Chapter 4.82


4.82.010    Name of fund.

4.82.020    Purpose of fund.

4.82.030    Source of resources.

4.82.040    Fund manager.

4.82.010 Name of fund.

There is created a special revenue fund known as the transportation mitigation fund.

(Added Ord. 91-007, February 13, 1991).

4.82.020 Purpose of fund.

The purpose of the transportation mitigation fund is to provide for the acquisition, construction, improvement, and administration of roads and transportation facilities necessitated by new development in Snohomish county as specified in chapter 30.66B SCC.

(Added Ord. 91-007, February 13, 1991; Ord. 02-098, December 9, 2002, Eff date February 1, 2003).

4.82.030 Source of resources.

Resources of the road mitigation fund shall be from lawful transportation mitigation payments, administrative fees applicable to transportation mitigation payments, appropriations, gifts, bequests, bond proceeds or other financing sources.

(Added Ord. 91-007, February 13, 1991).

4.82.040 Fund manager.

The county executive shall designate a fund manager, whose name and title shall appear on the master list of fund managers maintained in the department of budget and finance.

(Added Ord. 91-007, February 13, 1991).