Chapter 5.20


5.20.010    Applicability.

5.20.020    Low-risk classification.

5.20.030    Surveillance.

5.20.040    Programs.

5.20.050    Authorization to leave the facility.

5.20.060    Termination.

5.20.010 Applicability.

The provisions of chapter 5.20 SCC apply to prisoners in special detention only.

(Added Amended Ord. 94-041, May 25, 1994).

5.20.020 Low-risk classification.

The special detention facility shall house low-risk, minimum custody sentenced prisoners, as determined by court order or written classification procedures consistent with SCC 5.08.040.

(Added Amended Ord. 94-041, May 25, 1994).

5.20.030 Surveillance.

(1) Staff shall be available to respond face-to-face to any prisoner within three minutes.

(2) To ensure the welfare of the prisoner, staff shall personally observe each prisoner in the facility once an hour. All prisoner checks shall be recorded in writing and retained in the facility records.

(Added Amended Ord. 94-041, May 25, 1994).

5.20.040 Programs.

(1) Prisoners held over 30 days, who are not authorized to leave the facility, at least five days per week or 40 hours per week, shall have the opportunity for inside and outside exercise.

(2) Education or Training Programs. The special detention facility shall allow the prisoner to contact or be contacted by community representatives of education or training programs and should permit participation in such programs when allowed under the terms of the prisoner’s sentence.

(Added Amended Ord. 94-041, May 25, 1994).

5.20.050 Authorization to leave the facility.

If authorized by legal authority, prisoners may be permitted to leave the facility for the purpose of: medical/dental treatment, attending to civil or legal matters or conducting business and participating in activities related to their approved program unless specified otherwise by court order. Authorization to leave the facility shall be governed by written policy and procedures.

(Added Amended Ord. 94-041, May 25, 1994).

5.20.060 Termination.

The bureau shall adopt policies and procedures relating to the termination of participation in the special detention program.

(Added Amended Ord. 94-041, May 25, 1994; Amended by Amended Ord. 08-137, Nov. 10, 2008, Eff date Jan. 1, 2009).