Chapter 6.09


6.09.010    Animal advisory board established -- Duties.

6.09.020    Membership.

6.09.025    Meeting and election of officers.

6.09.030    Terms of members.

6.09.040    Vacancies.

6.09.050    Removal.

6.09.010 Animal advisory board established -- Duties.

There is hereby established a Snohomish county animal advisory board, hereinafter referred to as "advisory board," to:

(1) assist the licensing authority and animal control by reviewing and recommending policies relating to animal licensing and animal control;

(2) advise and assist the licensing authority and animal control in making recommendations to the executive and the county council regarding revisions to chapter 6.06 and Title 9, SCC;

(3) serve as an advisory board regarding the actions or decisions of the Licensing Authority when exercising the discretionary provisions of chapter 6.06; and

(4) submit a written report to the County Council annually; and

(5) to the extent funds are available in the Animal Benefit Bequest Fund to support such activities, the advisory board may promote public education and awareness of responsible pet ownership and organize, promote and sponsor programs and special events held for the benefit of animals in Snohomish County. The advisory board shall obtain approval from the Snohomish County Auditor prior to organizing, promoting, sponsoring or participating in such activities, programs or events and prior to spending or dedicating any funds.

(Added Ord. 97-020, § 18, May 7, 1997, Eff date July 1, 1997; Ord. 03-156, Jan. 7, 2004, Eff date Jan. 18, 2004).

6.09.020 Membership.

The advisory board shall be composed of the following members: six members who shall be licensed Snohomish County kennel owners; and three members who shall represent a broad range of interests relating to animal issues and shall reside within the county.

Appointments shall be pursuant to SCC 2.03.030 and 2.03.040.

(Added Ord. 97-020, § 18, May 7, 1997, Eff date July 1, 1997).

6.09.025 Meeting and election of officers.

The advisory board shall meet as necessary at the call of the licensing authority or chair. The advisory board shall adopt by-laws and elect its chair, vice-chair and secretary from within the board membership.

(Added Ord. 97-020, § 18, May 7, 1997, Eff date July 1, 1997).

6.09.030 Terms of members.

Subject to other provisions in this chapter, terms of the board members shall be for three years. Initial appointments shall be staggered terms as follows: two members shall be appointed to one-year terms, two members shall be appointed to two-year terms, and three members shall be appointed to three-year terms.

(Added Ord. 97-020, § 18, May 7, 1997, Eff date July 1, 1997).

6.09.040 Vacancies.

A position shall become vacant upon expiration of the term, provided that the existing board member shall continue to serve until his or her successor is appointed. A position also shall become vacant upon the death, resignation, removal, or change of residence outside the geographic area of appointment of a member. Vacancies shall be filled by appointment. An appointment to fill a vacancy for any reason other than the expiration of a term shall be only for the balance of the full term of the position being filled.

(Added Ord. 97-020, § 18, May 7, 1997, Eff date July 1, 1997).

6.09.050 Removal.

Any member of the advisory board may be removed by the council for neglect of duty or malfeasance in office, or pursuant to SCC 2.03.080.

(Added Ord. 97-020, § 18, May 7, 1997, Eff date July 1, 1997).