Chapter 6.36


6.36.001    General provisions.

6.36.005    Definitions.

6.36.010    Payoffs prohibited.

6.36.020    Operation without licenses prohibited.

6.36.070    License fees and term.

6.36.100    Nuisance.

6.36.110    Additional enforcement.

6.36.120    Exclusions.

6.36.130    Exemptions.

6.36.001 General provisions.

Unless specified otherwise in this chapter, the general provisions contained in chapter 6.01 SCC shall apply to this chapter.

(Added Ord. 83-156, § 2, Dec. 29, 1983).

6.36.005 Definitions.

The following words or phrases used in this chapter shall have the meanings set forth below or as defined in 6.01 SCC:

(1) "Amusement device" means any coin operated or remote controlled machine, device, contrivance, apparatus or appliance, mechanical, electrical or hand propelled, designed to be used in whole or in part as an instrument or instrumentally for engaging in the use and exercise of skill by one or more persons in playing a game for the amusement and entertainment of the player or players and which is maintained commercially for such purpose.

(2) "Amusement device location" means any establishment offering amusement devices for play or entertainment.

(Added Ord. 97-043, § 3, June 11, 1997, Eff date June 23, 1997).

6.36.010 Payoffs prohibited.

No amusement device or game table shall be used for the purpose of awarding any money or object of value other than free games or extended play, to the player or players, and shall not contain any mechanism which varies the chance of winning free games or the number of free games which may be won, depending on the number of coins inserted into the device; PROVIDED That in no event shall a machine be so designed and equipped as to render it of practical utility only as a device to be used for gambling.

(Added Ord. 83-156, § 2, Dec. 29, 1983; amended Ord. 97-043, § 4, June 11, 1997, Eff date June 23, 1997).

6.36.020 Operation without licenses prohibited.

(1) No person shall operate or possess any amusement device as defined by this chapter without first securing an amusement device location license.

(Added Ord. 83-156, § 2, Dec. 29 1983; Amended Ord. 86-119, § 18, January 7, 1987; Amended Ord. 87-038, § 35, June 3, 1987; Amended Ord. 97-043, § 5, June 11, 1997, Eff date June 23, 1997).

6.36.070 License fees and term.

The fees for this license are established by and are contained in SCC 6.01.050. The term for this license shall be one year from date of issuance.

(Added Ord. 83-156, § 2, Dec. 29, 1983; Amended Ord. 86-119, § 21, January 7, 1987; Amended Ord. 97-043, § 6, June 11, 1997, Effective June 23, 1997).

6.36.100 Nuisance.

Any operation of amusement device or gaming tables without a license as required by this chapter or contrary to law, or any activities on the premises where any such device and/or table is kept in such a manner as to constitute a nuisance may be abated by the sheriff or the licensing authority, including closing of any premises upon which such operation or nuisance occurs, seizure of any devices or table being so unlawfully operated, or seeking an order to abate or enjoin such unlawful operation or nuisance. Disposal of any property seized shall be as provided in RCW 7.48.090 through 7.48.110.

(Added Ord. 83-156, § 2, Dec. 29, 1983; Amended Ord. 87-038, § 37, June 3, 1987).

6.36.110 Additional enforcement.

Notwithstanding the existence or use of any other remedy, the licensing authority may seek legal or equitable relief to enjoin any acts or practices which constitute a violation of this chapter.

(Added Ord. 83-156, § 2, Dec. 29, 1983; Amended Ord. 86-119, § 22, January 7, 1987; Amended Ord. 87-038, § 38, June 3, 1987).

6.36.120 Exclusions.

The definitions in this chapter shall not include any amusement game or gambling device as defined in RCW 9.46.020(1) or 9.46.020(9) and amendments, or any game or other activity subject to the provisions of chapter 4.50 SCC. Nothing in this chapter shall legalize any activity which shall constitute gambling under RCW 9.46.020(8), or any other conduct or activity prohibited by law.

(Added Ord. 83-156, § 2, Dec. 29, 1983).

6.36.130 Exemptions.

Amusement devices in operation during the annual Evergreen State fair pursuant to facilities licensing agreements under SCC 2.32.150 are exempt from the requirements of this chapter.

(Added Ord. 86-119, § 23, January 7, 1987).