Chapter 7.08


7.08.010    District established.

7.08.010 District established.

Pursuant to Chapter 51, Extraordinary Session, Laws of 1967, amending RCW 70.46.030, there is hereby established a health district to be known as the Snohomish health district, embracing all the territory within the county of Snohomish, Washington, and all cities and towns therein, and the Snohomish health district as presently created by a resolution of the board of county commissioners effective January 1, 1959, and enlarged by the agreement thereafter with the second, third and fourth class cities and towns be confirmed as the predecessor agency. It is the purpose of this chapter to give Snohomish health district as now existing and as enlarged and created by act of this chapter all of the powers, duties and responsibilities of the 1967 Amendatory Act being Chapter 51, Extraordinary Session, Laws of 1967, of the state of Washington, and creating by this chapter as to the various cities and towns with the county of Snohomish all of the duties, burdens and responsibilities of said 1967 Amendatory Act.

(§ 1 of Res. adopted August 14, 1967).