Chapter 7.16


7.16.010    Defined.

7.16.020    Permit.

7.16.030    Revocation.

7.16.040    Communicable disease.

*See also SCC 7.12.210, and 7.12.250 - 7.12.270.

7.16.010 Defined.

"Food service worker" means any person engaged in the operation of any food establishment offering food or unbottled beverage for public consumption, including any person engaged in the preparation or serving of food and/or bottled beverage, or who is employed as a dishwasher and/or general assistant manager in such establishment.

(Res. adopted December 17, 1962).

7.16.020 Permit.

(1) Every food service worker employed for a period of more than 30 days in any food establishment or any worker employed in an itinerant food establishment shall possess a food service worker’s permit.

(2) To obtain a food service worker’s permit, the applicant shall furnish evidence of knowledge of acceptable practices in sanitary preparation, service and storage of food and beverage, and the proper sanitation of equipment and facilities involved, according to procedures set forth in the manual for food and beverage service workers as approved by the state director of health and shall submit to any x-ray of the chest and lungs if this be made available by the health officer at no additional cost.

(3) A fee, as prescribed by the state board of health, shall be charged for each food service worker’s permit.

(4) A food service worker’s permit shall be valid for a period of two years from the date of issue.

(5) The health officer shall accept any current food service worker’s permit issued by any other health officer within the state of Washington for the period of time the permit is valid.

(Res. adopted December 17, 1962).

7.16.030 Revocation.

Any food service worker’s permit may be revoked by the health officer upon receipt of information indicating violation of accepted procedures and practices in the preparation, service or storage of food or unbottled beverage offered for public consumption, or upon demonstration of the presence of a communicable disease in the infectious stage or an infectious condition of potential hazard to the public or the person’s co-workers, or for falsification of information required for issuance of the permit.

(Res. adopted December 17, 1962).

7.16.040 Communicable disease.

Whenever requested by the health officer any food service worker shall submit to such examination by a legally licensed physician, as in the opinion of the health officer may be necessary, for the purpose of determining the presence of a communicable disease.

(Res. adopted December 17, 1962).