Chapter 7.44


7.44.010    Purpose.

7.44.020    Definitions.

7.44.030    General regulations.

7.44.040    Permit - Certificate of competency - Approval requirements.

7.44.050    Discharges requiring purification treatment.

7.44.060    Noncompliance - Misdemeanor.

7.44.070    Noncompliance - Nuisance.

7.44.080    Repeal of prior legislation.

7.44.090    Effective date.

7.44.010 Purpose.

This chapter relates to and regulates sewage disposal systems, requires permits, defines offenses and provides penalties. This chapter is intended to in no way affect any resolution of the Snohomish health district dealing with the same subject matter.

(Res. adopted July 20, 1970).

7.44.020 Definitions.

(1) Sanitary Drainage System. The piping which conveys sewage from plumbing fixtures to a public sewer or private sewage disposal system.

(2) Sewage. Any liquid or liquid borne waste from the ordinary living processes, or liquid or liquid borne waste which contains animal or vegetable matter in suspension or solution, or liquid or liquid borne waste which may contain a chemical in solution, and which may be lawfully discharged into a public sanitary sewer.

(3) Sewage Disposal System. Sanitary drainage systems, septic tanks, grease traps, leaching pits, surface and subsurface leaching filter beds, and appurtenances; or other approved facilities for the disposal of sewage by means other than through a public sewer.

(Res. adopted July 20, 1970).

7.44.030 General regulations.

Every person, firm or corporation shall discharge all sewage in the following manner in Snohomish county:

(1) When water is or becomes available under pressure, every dwelling, unit, mobile home and every other establishment or premises required to provide toilet facilities are each required to construct a sanitary drainage system, and every plumbing fixture and every sanitary drainage system not connected to a public sewer or not required by law to be connected to a public sewer, shall be connected to a private sewage disposal system. When a public sewer is at all accessible, connections must be made to the public sewage system.

(2) Pit privies are permitted:

(a) When water is not available under pressure; or

(b) During period of construction; or

(c) Any other condition of a temporary nature that is approved by the health authority having jurisdiction, provided that when water under pressure becomes available, all pit privies shall be concurrently replaced by a private sewage disposal system or public sewer.

(3) Except where multiple systems are permitted by the health authority having jurisdiction, all sewage disposal systems shall be located upon the same lot as the buildings they are designed to serve unless an easement therefor upon abutting property is recorded and such location is approved by the health authority.

(Res. adopted July 20, 1970; Ord. 03-104, September 10, 2003, Eff. date October 6, 2003; Resolution No. 04-023, September 1, 2004, Eff. date September 1, 2004)

7.44.040 Permit - Certificate of competency - Approval requirements.

It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to:

(1) Construct, install or alter a sewage disposal system unless a permit has been issued therefor by proper health authority having jurisdiction over the matter; or

(2) To design, construct, install or alter a sewage disposal system unless in possession of such current, valid certificate of competency as is required by applicable issuing health authority;

(3) To cause or permit sewage to be carried through such sewage disposal system until final approval for use of such system has been granted by such health authority.

(Res. adopted July 20, 1970).

7.44.050 Discharges requiring purification treatment.

It shall be unlawful to maintain any sewage disposal system or sanitary drainage system in a manner which shall permit sewage to be directly or indirectly discharged upon the surface of the ground or into any waters within the county unless the contents of said system have been subject to approved purification and bactericidal treatment.

(Res. adopted July 20, 1970).

7.44.060 Noncompliance - Misdemeanor.

Any person, firm or corporation who shall violate or fail to comply with any provision of this resolution, or who shall counsel, aid or abet such violation or failure to comply shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor.

(Res. adopted July 20, 1970).

7.44.070 Noncompliance - Nuisance.

Compliance with the terms and conditions of this chapter shall constitute minimum health sanitation and safety provisions and material noncompliance with said terms and conditions shall constitute a public nuisance and be subject to all criminal, civil and equitable remedies as such.

(Res. adopted July 20, 1970).

7.44.080 Repeal of prior legislation.

The Snohomish county resolution of December 17, 1962 and of June 20, 1955 and SCC 7.44.010 through 7.44.190 are hereby repealed.

(Res. adopted July 20, 1970).

7.44.090 Effective date.

This resolution shall become effective July 20, 1970.

(Res. adopted July 20, 1970).