Chapter 7.52


7.52.010    Size of pipes.

7.52.020    Use of franchise holder facilities required when.

7.52.010 Size of pipes.

The county road engineer is authorized to require that all water lines to be installed along county road rights-of-way be not less than six inches in diameter, and shall be, insofar as possible, designed to provide a capacity capable of supplying the present and potential needs of the area to be served.

(Res. adopted May 18, 1970).

7.52.020 Use of franchise holder facilities required when.

Where a franchise has been granted for the purposes of water distribution, and the grantee indicates that facilities for distribution are installed or can be readily provided, then those desiring water service shall be required to utilize the services of the franchise holder, rather than to contract for supply from some other source which would eventually result in a duplication of distribution lines.

(Res. adopted May 18, 1970).