Chapter 9.02


9.02.010    Authority granted.

9.02.010 Authority granted.

Pursuant to RCW 16.52.020 pertaining to humane societies, the humane education society of Snohomish county is the only such society in Snohomish county authorized to exercise the privileges granted by RCW 16.52.010 through 16.52.050, 16.52.070 through 16.52.090 and 16.52.100 through 16.52.180. The above authority is granted under the condition that:

(1) Any person acting as member, agent or officer of such society who desires to act as a constable or peace officer for the purposes contained in chapter 16.52 RCW shall before seeking such approval from a judge of the superior court first have reviewed a commitment for approval of a special commission for such purpose from the sheriff of Snohomish county; and

(2) Any such person shall cause a copy of any approval from a judge of the superior court to be placed on file with the sheriff and with the board of commissioners; and

(3) That any such person shall procure and maintain in force a policy of false arrest, detention and assault insurance in form satisfactory to the sheriff naming Snohomish county as an insured and bearing limits of not less than $500,000 for each occurrence. Authority granted by this resolution shall terminate January 1, 1979.

(Res. adopted January 9, 1978).