Chapter 10.28


10.28.010    General applicability.

10.28.020    Soliciting.

10.28.030    Signs - Advertisement and written matter.

10.28.040    Use of roads and walks.

10.28.050    Use of premises-Exercising the right of free expression.

10.28.010 General applicability.

(1) All persons having entered on Snohomish county property or facility at places where admission is charged for entry, including but not limited to the Paine Field Airport and the Evergreen State Fairgrounds, shall be governed by the rules and regulations herein prescribed by the board of Snohomish county commissioners (hereinafter "board"). Administrative heads and department heads (hereinafter "board appointees") shall comply with and enforce these regulations.

(2) Any person using county facilities for which an admission is charged shall comply with these rules and regulations and such others as may from time to time be promulgated by the board.

(3) Any person refusing to comply with these or other applicable rules and regulations shall, on proper request of a board appointee, be directed to leave the facility and, in the event of failure to comply with said request, be regarded as a trespasser subject to all penal laws of the state of Washington.

(Res. adopted August 7, 1978).

10.28.020 Soliciting.

Unless separately licensed as a concessionaire or as otherwise permitted by contract by the board, users of county property or facilities where a fee is charged for admission are prohibited from soliciting funds for any purpose or offering merchandise or services for sale; except, as otherwise provided under SCC 10.28.060 herein.

(Res. adopted August 7, 1978).

10.28.030 Signs - Advertisement and written matter.

Except as otherwise provided in SCC 10.28.050, no person shall post, distribute or display signs, advertisement, circulars, or printed or written matter at the facility.

(Res. adopted August 7, 1978).

10.28.040 Use of roads and walks.

No person shall use the roads or walkways in such a manner as to hinder or obstruct the free flow of traffic thereon.

(Res. adopted August 7, 1978).

10.28.050 Use of premises-Exercising the right of free expression.

The use of county property or facilities for the purpose of exercising the right of free expression and communication, to seek petition signatures, and to picket, demonstrate, or display signs shall not be abridged; PROVIDED, That such use shall not unreasonably interfere, in any way, with other users of the facilities not engaged in free expression activities. To achieve this balance, the following rules and regulations are hereby adopted:

(1) No person or persons shall distribute literature, seek petition signatures, picket, display signs or otherwise attempt to communicate their views to other users of the property or facility without first delivering written notice to the board appointee in charge of the county property or facility in question of their intent to do so and obtaining proper identification for each day’s activity at least 24 hours prior thereto. A copy of any literature or petitions which the applicant proposes to distribute, as well as the text of any signs the applicant proposes to display, shall be affixed to the written notice and shall state:

(a) Full name, mailing address and telephone number of the person, and if he is a member of an organization, the name of the organization sponsoring, conducting, or promoting the activity;

(b) A description of the proposed activity stating type of communicating to be involved;

(c) The date, hour, and anticipated duration of such activity;

(d) The number and names of persons planning to participate in such activity.

(2) All persons who have sent proper notification as set forth in subsection (1) shall assemble at 9:00 a.m. on each day that such person intends to engage in the activity at the business office of the board appointee responsible for the county property intended for such activity. The board appointee shall authorize six persons a day to engage in such activity. The board appointee shall issue identification on a first-come, first-served basis. The identification shall be in the form of a badge valid for the 24-hour period beginning at 9:00 a.m. on the day of issue. Badges shall be in the form of a badge valid for the 24-hour period beginning at 9:00 a.m. on the day of issue. Badges shall be issued and reissued under the following procedures:

(a) Each badge shall state:

Solicitor No.___________

Valid 9:00 a.m., (date)

Bearers activity not endorsed by Snohomish county.

(b) If more persons requesting the issuance of a badge are present at any time than the number of badges available at that time, the board appointee shall randomly select the persons by lot to whom badges shall be issued. Such random selection shall be done without regard to the identity of the persons requesting badges or the nature of the religious solicitation activity they wish to pursue.

(c) Each person receiving a badge shall return the badge upon completion of solicitation to the board appointee. The board appointee shall, upon request, reissue each badge that is retuned.

(3) No more than six persons shall at any one time distribute literature, picket, petition, or solicit funds in the Evergreen State Fairgrounds. In all other county property or facility, no more than six persons shall at any one time distribute literature, picket, petition, or solicit funds.

(4) Activities conducted pursuant to these regulations shall be permitted only in those portions of the facilities open to the general public for common use.

No persons shall interfere with the free flow of persons or vehicles upon or through the facility or otherwise prevent the orderly and efficient use of county property for its primary purpose. To assure compliance with this rule, the following standards shall apply:

(1) No person shall engage in any activity described herein:

(a) In areas of the Evergreen State Fairgrounds housing agricultural activities or animals or within 15 feet thereof;

(b) At ticket counters or within 15 feet thereof;

(c) In parking areas;

(d) Within restaurants, other lease areas, or washrooms; or

(e) In seating areas of facilities where entertainment activity occurs.

(2) No person shall engage in any activity described herein within 15 feet of any concession facility.

(3) No person shall engage in activity described herein within 15 feet of any person waiting in any ticket or other line.

(4) The use of sound or voice amplifying apparatus in or adjacent to the facilities is prohibited. No chanting, dancing, or similar conduct is permitted.

(5) Tables, stands, chairs, or other structures shall not be used or placed upon the facilities or property.

(6) For safety reasons and general cleanliness, there shall be no storage of placards, boxes, or supplies on the facilities or property.

(7) No person engaged in the activity described herein shall deliberately touch any unconsenting persons.

(Res. adopted August 7, 1978).