Chapter 10.60


10.60.010    Purpose of chapter.

10.60.020    Policy.

10.60.030    Authority.

10.60.040    Procedure.

10.60.050    Severability.

10.60.010 Purpose of chapter.

The purpose of this chapter is to establish a means to maximize local resources including personnel and facilities, reduce duplication of services, enhance local efficiencies without diminishing effectiveness, and share resources between local governments through the regionalization of services. It is to establish policies and procedures by which local governmental units may make the most efficient use of their powers by enabling them to cooperate with the county on a basis of mutual advantage and thereby to provide law enforcement services and facilities in a manner that will accord best with local governmental units’ geographic, economic, population and other factors influencing the needs of their citizens.

(Added Ord. 90-164, as amended, November 28, 1990; Amended Ord. 94-016 § 1, March 9, 1994).

10.60.020 Policy.

It is the policy of Snohomish county that the county shall realize neither a profit nor a loss in providing contracted law enforcement services.

(Added Ord. 94-016 § 2, March 9, 1994).

10.60.030 Authority.

The Snohomish county sheriff’s office shall have the authority to meet with authorized representatives of cities, towns, or incorporation committees of an unincorporated area of the county preparing for incorporation into a city or town to assist in evaluating their law enforcement needs. All actions taken by the sheriff’s office to facilitate the contracting for law enforcement services between the county and another governmental entity shall be in accordance with the policies and procedures set forth herein and with applicable state laws.

(Added Ord. 94-016 § 2, March 9, 1994).

10.60.040 Procedure.

A city, town, or the incorporation committee of an unincorporated area of the county preparing for incorporation into a city or town (any of which may hereinafter be referred to as "applicant") may use the following procedures to request a law enforcement services contract with Snohomish county:

(1) The sheriff or a designated representative shall meet with the authorized representatives of the applicant to assist in evaluating the applicant’s law enforcement needs and to facilitate the applicant’s writing a proposed "scope of services" which the applicant seeks to receive as the result of a law enforcement contract with the county.

(2) After the proposed "scope of services" has been approved by the applicant’s authorized representatives, the applicant may request that the county provide such services on a contracted basis by submitting an application package to the county executive. The application package shall include as a minimum: a motion or resolution adopted by the city, town council, or incorporation committee requesting the county to provide law enforcement services on a contract basis; four copies of the approved "scope of services," a statement of the applicant’s expectations relative to local ordinance enforcement, court filing fees, communications assessments, jail fees, prosecutor and/or court attorney charges; a statement of the number of commissioned and non-commissioned employees assigned to the local police or public safety department at the time of such request; and, the number of employees to be assigned at the time the requested law enforcement services contract will be signed. The applicant may include additional information which the applicant feels would clarify any information provided.

(3) The county executive, after ensuring the applicant’s request meets the requirements of this chapter and providing a copy of the "scope of services" to the district court of the affected area, the prosecutor, and the assigned counsel, shall submit such request to the Snohomish county sheriff and notify the Snohomish county council of the applicant’s request for a law enforcement contract.

(4) Upon receipt of the request for contracted law enforcement services, the sheriff shall coordinate with the county’s office of budget and finance to identify all costs, both direct and indirect, and the number of FTE’s required to fulfill the "scope of services" requested by the applicant. The office of budget and finance will compile this information in a written format established by the executive and forward it to the executive.

(5) The executive shall provide such cost information, in writing to the sheriff, the county council, and the mayor or manager of the city or town or the chairman of the incorporation committee, requesting the contracted law enforcement services.

(6) If the applicant agrees to the costs and terms offered by Snohomish county, the applicant shall submit a letter of intent to contract for a minimum of three years of law enforcement services to the county executive.

(7) The county executive shall advise the county council and the sheriff’s office of the applicant’s letter of intent. The sheriff’s office shall coordinate with the applicant and the civil division of the Snohomish county prosecutor’s office to facilitate the drafting of a proposed three year law enforcement contract.

(8) Three originals of the law enforcement contract, signed by an authorized representative of the applicant, shall be delivered to the county executive who will submit them to the county council for review and approval by council motion.

(Added Ord. 94-016 § 2, March 9, 1994).

10.60.050 Severability.

If any provision or section of this chapter shall be held by a competent court to be void or unconstitutional, all other parts, provisions, and sections of this chapter not expressly so held to be void or unconstitutional shall continue in full force and effect.

(Added Ord. 94-016 § 2, March 9, 1994).