Chapter 12.16


12.16.010    Equipment required on all vessels--Personnel flotation equipment.

12.16.020    Equipment required--Lighting.

12.16.030    Boating equipment--Motorboats--Fire extinguishers.

12.16.040    Boating equipment--Motorboats--Bilge ventilators.

12.16.050    Boating equipment--Motorboats--Backfire arresters.

12.16.060    Boating equipment--Motorboats--Mufflers.

12.16.070    Boating equipment--Motorboating equipment exceptions.

12.16.010 Equipment required on all vessels--Personnel flotation equipment.

All vessels when underway on any lake in Snohomish county are required to carry on board in a readily accessible place one personnel flotation device per person aboard. Such device shall be of the size and type as is required at the time of operation by the United States Coast Guard for vessels of similar size and equipment operating in inland waters.

(Res. adopted June 30, 1975).

12.16.020 Equipment required--Lighting.

During hours of darkness, every vessel shall be equipped with and, while underway or at anchor at any place other than a dock or shoreline, shall display navigation lights as hereafter prescribed. Such lights shall be a white light which shall be temporarily exhibited in sufficient time to prevent a collision; PROVIDED, That any motorboat while underway shall continuously display a white light distinctly visible for a distance of at least 500 feet; and PROVIDED FURTHER, That it shall be deemed a compliance of this section when any vessel displays navigation lights of a type approved by competent authority for operation of such vessel in inland waters.

(Res. adopted June 30, 1975).

12.16.030 Boating equipment--Motorboats--Fire extinguishers.

Every motorboat and every boat carrying gas, gasoline or electrical systems shall have on board, and in a readily accessible place, a hand portable fire extinguisher appropriate for the extinguishing of such gas, gasoline, oil and grease or electrical fires. Such fire extinguisher shall be in good and serviceable condition.

(Res. adopted June 30, 1975).

12.16.040 Boating equipment--Motorboats--Bilge ventilators.

Every motorboat shall have two or more ventilators with cowls or the equivalent, capable of removing gases in bilges in any compartment containing gasoline engines or gasoline tanks. Motorboats so constructed as to have the greater portion of the bilges under the engine and fuel tanks open and exposed to the natural atmosphere at all times are not required to be fitted with such ventilators.

(Res. adopted June 30, 1975).

12.16.050 Boating equipment--Motorboats--Backfire arresters.

Every motorboat having an inboard gasoline engine shall have such engine’s carburetor equipped with a device for arresting backfire. Such device shall be in good and serviceable condition.

(Res. adopted June 30, 1975).

12.16.060 Boating equipment--Motorboats--Mufflers.

Every motorboat equipped with an internal combustion motor shall be equipped with a device so constructed and used as to effectively and adequately muffle the noise of the exhaust of every such internal combustion engine.

(Res. adopted June 30, 1975).

12.16.070 Boating equipment--Motorboating equipment exceptions.

The provisions of SCC 12.16.040, 12.16.050 and 12.16.060 shall not apply to race-type boats operated on any racecourse approved for the purpose of testing by the council when such operation is of the dates and hours permitted for the course and all warning signs or markers and safety patrolling requirements for the course are met.

(Res. adopted June 30, 1975; Amended Ord. 99-098, § 7, Dec. 8, 1999, Eff date Dec. 20, 1999).