Chapter 13.140


13.140.010    Purpose.

13.140.020    Initiation.

13.140.030    Formation.

13.140.010 Purpose.

This section constitutes the Snohomish county policy for formation for road improvement districts (RIDs).

(Added Ord. 87-024, § 1, April 20, 1987).

13.140.020 Initiation.

Initiation of an RID requires either a resolution by the county council or a petition signed by owners according to the records of the county auditor of property an aggregate amount of the majority of the lineal frontage upon the contemplated improvement and of the area within the limits of the county road improvement district in accordance with RCW 36.88.050.

(Added Ord. 87-024, § 1, April 20, 1987).

13.140.030 Formation.

All RIDs will be formed using the council resolution method outlined in chapter 35.43 RCW. Following the submittal of a petition or a council directive, the county council will indicate that the formation procedure to be followed is as set forth in chapter 35.43 RCW instead of RCW 36.88.030. All other portions of chapter 36.88 RCW shall remain applicable to the RID process.

(Added Ord. 87-024, § 1, April 20, 1987).