Chapter 13.70


13.70.010    General requirements.

13.70.010 General requirements.

Type E transactions are activities requiring approval obtained through council legislative action. These activities may require inspections, traffic control, safety devices, warranties, legal documentation and hearings. These activities are categorized as Type E transactions to facilitate processing and tracking of the document(s) requiring council approval. Specific uses/approvals classified as Type E include, but are not limited to, the following:

(1) Private leases of rights-of-way not currently required for public use (Type E1).

(2) Right-of-way deeds/easements to and from the county.

(3) Establishment of county roads and rights-of-way as provided in chapter 13.90 SCC (Type E2).

(4) Franchises (Type E3C and E3U)-- permitting long-term use of the right-of-way for utility purposes pursuant to Chapter 36.55 RCW, and as provided for in chapter 13.80 SCC.

(5) Vacation of county road rights-of-way (Type E4)--process for vacating a county road, pursuant to Chapter 36.87 RCW and chapter 13.100 SCC.

(6) Latecomers cost recovery (Type E5)--process for reimbursement to the county or a developer for construction or road improvements pursuant to chapter 13.95 SCC.

(7) Road improvement district (RID) formation (Type E6)--process for formation of road improvement districts pursuant to Chapter 36.88 RCW and chapter 13.140 SCC.

(Added Ord. 85-051, § 3, July 3, 1985; Amended Ord. 91-197, Dec. 18, 1991; Amended Ord. 96-028, § 47, June 12, 1996, Eff date June 29, 1996).