Chapter 15.04


15.04.010    Definitions.

15.04.020    Airport commission.

15.04.030    Commission Powers and Duties.

15.04.040    Authority-Manager/Executive.

15.04.050    Appointment of manager.

15.04.080    Financing.

15.04.090    Execution of documents.

15.04.104    Loading and unloading areas and vehicles for hire.

15.04.010 Definitions.

Unless the context clearly requires otherwise, the definitions in this section apply throughout this chapter.

(1) "Airport" means the Snohomish county airport at Paine Field.

(2) "Airport property" means any property within the boundary of the Snohomish county airport.

(3) "Airport purposes" or "aeronautical purposes" means the same as when used in chapter 14.08 RCW and includes all aeronautical uses and uses related thereto, including management and control of landing areas and air navigation facilities.

(4) "Commission" or "airport commission" means the Snohomish county airport commission.

(5) "Council" means the Snohomish county council.

(6) "Executive" means the Snohomish county executive.

(7) "Manager" or "airport manager" means the manager of the Snohomish county airport.

(Added Ord. 92-132, Nov. 18, 1992; Amended by Ord. 17-003, March 29, 2017, Eff date April 10, 2017).

15.04.020 Airport commission.

An airport commission is hereby created as an advisory board to the executive. The commission will be composed of 13 members consisting of one person from each council district, three persons from the airport tenant community, three persons from the business community; and two persons from the county at large. The recommendation and appointment of commission members will be in accord with chapter 2.03 SCC.

(Added by Ord. 17-003, March 29, 2017, Eff date April 10, 2017).

15.04.030 Commission Powers and Duties.

The airport commission shall serve in an advisory role to the executive on the following matters:

(1) Review and recommend updates to the airport master plan;

(2) Review and recommend changes to the airport capital improvement program and capital facilities plan;

(3) Review and recommend an annual airport budget;

(4) Provide a community perspective on airport operations;

(5) Review and recommend strategies for airport noise reduction;

(6) Review appeals of enforcement procedures under SCC 15.08.651 and recommend outcomes;

The executive may forward any recommendation or plan proposed by the commission to council including majority and minority reports.

(Added by Ord. 17-003, March 29, 2017, Eff date April 10, 2017).

15.04.040 Authority-Manager/Executive.

(1) Subject to the Snohomish County charter, the authority for the construction, enlargement, improvement, maintenance, management, operation and regulation of the airport and airport property is vested in the executive. Except as otherwise provided by this article or directed by the executive, the airport manager shall be the executive manager of the airport and shall be responsible for the management and operation of the airport, including the powers to:

(a) Employ and manage such employees as are necessary to the operation of the airport, including fire protection and security personnel as specified under federal, state and local requirements: PROVIDED, That the council shall approve all collective bargaining agreements between the county and unions representing airport employees.

(b) Perform all acts necessary and incidental to the powers of the manager as stated in this title.

(2) The foregoing powers of the airport manager shall be exercised subject to the following additional conditions:

(a) All expenditures and incurring of obligations to pay money, including all wages, salary, compensation, and price paid for any materials, equipment, services or otherwise, shall be made in accord with the budget approved by the council and all applicable budgetary laws and regulations of the state of Washington and Snohomish County.

(b) All rules and regulations adopted and enforced and other acts performed shall conform to and be consistent with the laws of the state of Washington, including chapter 14.08 RCW, and the laws and regulations of the state department of transportation, division of aeronautics, and shall be kept in conformity, and nearly as may be, with the then current federal legislation and regulations governing aeronautics and the rules or standards issued from time to time pursuant thereto.

(c) Charges shall be reasonable and uniform and for the same class of service and established with due regard to the property and improvements used in the expense of operation to the airport fund and the county.

(3) Any matter relating to management or operation of the airport that is presented to the county council for action by or through the airport manager or executive, including but not limited to individual licenses or leases of airport property or proposed rates, terms or forms of leases to be approved by the executive under SCC 2.10.010(12), shall be accompanied by a statement of the options that are available to the council, a written evaluation of their relative merits, and a written recommendation by the executive for council action.

(Added Ord. 87-063, Aug. 19, 1987; Amended Ord. 92-132, Nov. 18, 1992; Amended by Amended Ord. 09-008, Feb. 25, 2009, Eff date March 15, 2009; Amended by Ord. 14-111, March 4, 2015, Eff date March 16, 2015).

15.04.050 Appointment of manager.

The executive shall with the advice and consent of the council appoint the airport manager. The manager shall be confirmed by a majority of the council and shall be removable at the will of the executive.

(Added Ord. 87-063, Aug. 19, 1987; Amended Ord. 92-132, Nov. 18, 1992).

15.04.080 Financing.

Estimated airport revenues, receipts from the sale of bonds, tax levies, any other income, proposed airport revenue bond issues or authorizations, and estimated expenditures to be made or anticipated by the airport manager in connection with the operation, maintenance, development, or improvement of the airport for airport or industrial or commercial purposes, shall be set forth and included in a preliminary airport budget for the ensuing calendar year, and submitted by airport manager to the county executive by the time specified in the charter. When approved by the county council, the airport budget shall become effective and all expenditures or bond issues included therein shall become duly appropriated or authorized and available for expenditure or issuance by the county executive for the purposes stated, subject to the conditions and limitations set forth above.

(Added Ord. 87-063, Aug. 19, 1987; Amended Ord. 92-132, Nov. 18, 1992).

15.04.090 Execution of documents.

All contracts, leases, subleases, and other documents proposed by the airport manager, subject to the other provisions and limitations of this chapter, chapters 2.10 and 3.04 SCC, and chapter 14.08 RCW, shall be valid and binding upon Snohomish county when signed by or on behalf of the county executive.

(Added Ord. 87-063, Aug. 19, 1987; Amended Ord. 92-132, Nov. 18, 1992; Emergency Ord. 07-033, April 18, 2007, Eff date April 18, 2007; Ord. 07-036, May 21, 2007, Eff date June 15, 2007; Amended by Amended Ord. 08-065, June 4, 2008, Eff date June 16, 2008).

15.04.104 Loading and unloading areas and vehicles for hire.

Vehicles for hire or car rentals agencies shall only be operated on the airport grounds with the airport manager’s approval and under the terms and conditions that he may prescribe. The airport manager may designate areas for loading and unloading passengers. Taxicabs operating on the airport grounds must conform to proper governmental authority which has jurisdiction over their operations.

Added Ord. 87-063, Aug. 19, 1987; Amended Ord. 92-132, Nov. 18, 1992).