Chapter 1.18


1.18.010    Reduction of fines and/or court costs.

1.18.020    Determination of value of labor.

1.18.030    Permission to utilize chapter for other courts of limited jurisdiction.

1.18.010 Reduction of fines and/or court costs.

A district court judge or commissioner may permit a defendant to reduce the amount of fines and court costs by performing labor for the county as provided in RCW 10.82.040. This labor will be performed under the supervision of the Whatcom County sheriff in work programs that benefit the greater community. Alternatively, execution may, at any time, issue against the property of the defendant or be sent to collections for that portion of such fine and costs not reduced or satisfied by the application of this chapter. The defendant must meet the jail work program eligibility criteria. (Ord. 2017-033 Exh. B).

1.18.020 Determination of value of labor.

The amount of such fine and costs owing to district court shall be the whole of such fines and costs, reduced by the amount of any portion thereof paid, and the value of every day’s labor calculated at the cost of an average of the following wage rates for the current year:

A. Washington State minimum wage.

B. Washington State prevailing wage for landscape construction workers.

C. Whatcom County parks department wage for temporary groundskeepers.

D. Bureau of Labor Statistics median wage for landscaping and groundskeeping workers.

For the year 2017, that average is $12.70 per hour or $102.00 per day worked. This wage will be reset at the beginning of each calendar year to reflect the current year’s average. (Ord. 2017-033 Exh. B).

1.18.030 Permission to utilize chapter for other courts of limited jurisdiction.

Corrections offender work programs utilized to satisfy court fines and/or costs will be extended to other local courts of limited jurisdiction at the request of those courts and with the permission of the appropriate judicial officer. Standards and practices of the work crews and labor credit will be as specified within this chapter. (Ord. 2017-033 Exh. B).