Chapter 2.12


2.12.010    Boundaries of district.

2.12.020    Number of justices – Additional position declined.

2.12.030    Location of central office.

2.12.040    Location of courts.

2.12.050    Number of commissioners – Areas of services.

2.12.060    Number of departments.

2.12.070    Name of district.

2.12.080    Salaries of justices.

2.12.090    Contract for services to cities within county.

2.12.010 Boundaries of district.

The boundaries of the proposed justice court district shall be contiguous with the boundaries of Whatcom County. (Res. 81-49 § 1; prior code § 1.16.020(1)).

2.12.020 Number of justices – Additional position declined.

A. There shall be two full-time justices of the peace presiding in the district.

B. The additional district court position allowed under state law is declined under the provisions of RCW 3.34.030, and the total district court judge positions is maintained at the level of two. (Ord. 91-090; Res. 81-49 § 2; prior code § 1.16.020(2)).

2.12.030 Location of central office.

The location of the central office of the justice court district shall be Bellingham. (Res. 81-49 § 3; prior code § 1.16.020(3)).

2.12.040 Location of courts.

The courts shall sit in Bellingham, or may adjourn to one of the court commissioner areas at the discretion of the court. (Res. 81-49 § 4; prior code § 1.16.020(4)).

2.12.050 Number of commissioners – Areas of services.

There may be eight justice court commissioners; one to serve in each of the following cities: Bellingham, Lynden, Ferndale, Blaine, Sumas, Everson, Point Roberts and Newhalem, with appointments, salaries, hours and facilities to be prescribed by the elected justices of the peace. (Res. 81-49 § 5; prior code § 1.16.020(5)).

2.12.060 Number of departments.

There shall be two departments in the district, and there shall also be a municipal department for the city of Bellingham within the district. (Res. 81-49 § 6; prior code § 1.16.020(6)).

2.12.070 Name of district.

The name of the district shall be the Whatcom County justice court district. (Res. 81-49 § 7; prior code § 1.16.020(7)).

2.12.080 Salaries of justices.

The salaries of the justices of the peace shall be such total annual sum as may from time to time be prescribed by law. The salary of the commissioner serving the city of Bellingham shall be set by the city of Bellingham and Whatcom County, acting jointly. (Res. 81-49 § 8; prior code § 1.16.020(8)).

2.12.090 Contract for services to cities within county.

For each city or combination of two or more cities within Whatcom County which have petitioned, or may petition for, or request the services of part-time and/or full-time judge or commissioner to handle its municipal court business, the county council shall negotiate a contract with the city or cities setting forth terms and conditions satisfactory to the parties. In any such contract, it shall be provided by appropriate language that judges or commissioners may serve interchangeably, to the end that the needs of the court are most efficiently served. (Res. 81-49 § 9; prior code § 1.16.020(9)).