Chapter 2.14


2.14.010    Established.

2.14.020    Jurisdiction.

2.14.030    Disposition of court revenue.

2.14.040    District judges interchangeable with municipal judge.

2.14.050    Judge’s salary.

2.14.060    Court facilities.

2.14.070    Court personnel.

2.14.080    Terms of court.

2.14.010 Established.

The city of Bellingham, a municipal corporation of the state, being a political subdivision of Whatcom County, designated in this chapter as the city, does covenant and agree with Whatcom County, pursuant to provisions of RCW Chapter 3.46, to establish as a department of the Whatcom County district court a municipal department, to be known and designated as “The Municipal Court of Bellingham,” or in the alternative, “The Municipal Department of Bellingham.” (Prior code § 1.48.010).

2.14.020 Jurisdiction.

This municipal court shall have exclusive jurisdiction of matters arising under the ordinance of the city. There shall be only one position of municipal judge for the city, and he shall have jurisdiction to hear and determine traffic violations within the necessity of any designation as the municipal traffic judge. (Prior code § 1.48.020).

2.14.030 Disposition of court revenue.

All revenue received by the municipal court of the city, including penalties, fines, bail forfeitures, fees and costs, shall be paid to the city treasurer for the use and disposition of the city. (Prior code § 1.48.030).

2.14.040 District judges interchangeable with municipal judge.

The agreement codified in this chapter is entered into under the understanding that the services of a judge of the municipal court shall be required only on a part-time basis; and in recognition of the fact that there are presently two full-time judges elected to preside over the Whatcom County district court, either of the qualified elected judges of the Whatcom County district court may serve interchangeably as municipal judge of the city, with full power and authority to designate qualified substitutes or judges pro tem, in the event of disability, disqualification, absence or challenge based upon prejudice. (Prior code § 1.48.040).

2.14.050 Judge’s salary.

The municipal judge of the city shall be required to serve only in a part-time capacity, and the amount of time required for discharging the duties of the municipal departments shall be approximately 50 percent of one full-time judge’s duties. Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to prevent said judge from also serving as part-time judge of other municipal departments of the Whatcom County district court, or as to interfere with his presiding in the district court for Whatcom County, so long as there is no conflict in his so doing. It is the understanding of the parties to this agreement that the salary for the judge serving as district judge and also as municipal department judge of the city is to be paid jointly by the county and the cities utilizing the judge as city judge of the municipal court. The city agrees to pay annually to the county a sum equal to one-half of the annual salary of one district court judge. (Prior code § 1.48.050).

2.14.060 Court facilities.

The city agrees to provide clean, appropriate and functional court room facilities and offices for the use of the judges and municipal court personnel, and to equip same in appropriate decorum, and furnish and replenish from time to time supplies and equipment for the orderly operation of the court. It is understood that the city may contract, or agree, with any other cities to provide joint or common facilities. (Prior code § 1.48.060).

2.14.070 Court personnel.

All personnel of the municipal court of the city shall be employees of the city and under the exclusive supervision and control of the city. The city and not the judge shall be liable and responsible for any and all malfeasance, misfeasance, and/or misappropriation of funds by their employees. (Prior code § 1.48.070).

2.14.080 Terms of court.

The time when the municipal court of the city shall be open, and the hours when the court shall be in session shall be compatible with the overall work load of the judge, taking into consideration the relative case load and other municipal court departments as well as the normal operation of the central court of the Whatcom County district court. (Prior code § 1.48.080).