Chapter 2.145


2.145.010    Established.

2.145.020    Purpose.

2.145.030    Function.

2.145.040    Membership – Term of office.

2.145.050    Organization – Meetings.

2.145.060    Committee staffing.

2.145.010 Established.

There is hereby established the Lummi Island ferry advisory committee. (Ord. 2012-005 Exh. A).

2.145.020 Purpose.

The Lummi Island ferry advisory committee provides review and recommendations to the Whatcom County council and executive on issues that affect the ongoing operations and infrastructure of ferry service to Lummi Island. The committee also provides a forum for those who depend upon Lummi Island ferry service to voice their ideas and concerns about the ferry service. (Ord. 2012-005 Exh. A).

2.145.030 Function.

To advise the county council or the executive on the following functions:

A. Review and provide recommendations on proposed changes to ferry operations and fares; and

B. Review at least annually ferry revenue and expenditures, ferry fund balance, and actual versus targeted fare return; and

C. Assist the county in collecting information from ferry riders on actual and desired ferry services, concerns, and ideas for improved service; and

D. Analyze and develop recommendations to continue and improve the cost effective operation of ferry service to Lummi Island; and

E. Research, review, and make recommendations regarding ferry replacement, long-term planning, parking, transportation to and from ferry docks, alternative docking locations, alternative funding sources, and other major capital and operational issues regarding ferry service to Lummi Island. (Ord. 2012-005 Exh. A).

2.145.040 Membership – Term of office.

A. The committee shall consist of seven voting members, with at least four but no more than five of them residents or property owners on Lummi Island. A quorum shall consist of at least half of the appointed members.

B. The county council shall appoint the committee members. Member terms will be three years; provided, that the terms of members first appointed will be staggered so that three of the committee members shall be appointed for two years. Members of the committee shall serve without compensation. (Ord. 2012-005 Exh. A).

2.145.050 Organization – Meetings.

A. Meetings of the committee shall be open and accessible to the public and shall be subject to the Open Public Meetings Act.

B. At every meeting, the committee will schedule an open session to take public comment on ferry issues.

C. Written records of meetings, resolutions, research, findings and recommendations shall be kept and such records shall be submitted to county council staff and shall be made public, including posting on the county website.

D. The committee shall adopt its own rules and procedures for the conduct of business.

E. The committee shall elect a chairperson from among its members who shall preside at its meetings.

F. The committee shall determine its meeting schedule and agenda, but shall meet at least quarterly.

G. The committee may form and appoint ad hoc committees to work on specific issues, so long as at least two committee members are also members of each ad hoc committee.

H. The committee shall comply with Chapter 2.03 WCC, Boards and Commissions. (Ord. 2012-005 Exh. A).

2.145.060 Committee staffing.

The committee is encouraged to operate and hold its meetings as independent of county staffing and resources as possible. Staffing and other resources for the committee shall be requested through the county executive’s office. All staff time and county resources expended in support of the committee will be considered ferry operation expenses. The committee is authorized to request from the executive’s office information from administrative departments as necessary. (Ord. 2012-005 Exh. A).