Chapter 2.26


2.26.010    Established.

2.26.020    Jurisdiction.

2.26.030    Membership.

2.26.010 Established.

Pursuant to RCW 41.26.110, there is established the Whatcom County law enforcement officers’ and firefighters’ disability board. (Prior code § 1.12.010).

2.26.020 Jurisdiction.

Such board shall have jurisdiction involving members of the “Washington Law Enforcement Officers’ and Firefighters’ Retirement System” of Whatcom County, other than members covered by a city which has established its own disability board. Such board shall act upon and either approve or disapprove all claims for disability from those within its jurisdiction. (Prior code § 1.12.020).

2.26.030 Membership.

The board shall be composed of five members to be chosen as follows:

A. One member of the legislative body of the county to be appointed by the county legislative body;

B. One member of a city or town legislative body located within the county which does not contain a city disability board established pursuant to RCW 46.26.110 to be chosen by a majority of the mayors of such cities and towns which do not contain a city disability board;

C. One firefighter to be elected by the firefighters subject to the jurisdiction of the county disability board;

D. One law enforcement officer to be elected by the law enforcement officers subject to the jurisdiction of the county disability board; and

E. One member from the public at large who resides within the county, but does not reside within a city in which a disability board is established, to be appointed by the other four appointed members designated by subsections A through D of this section.

All members appointed shall serve for two-year terms. (Prior code § 1.12.030).