Chapter 2.39


2.39.010    Established – Membership.

2.39.020    Assets of Bellingham municipal transit system.

2.39.030    Bellingham service.

2.39.040    Effective date.

2.39.010 Established – Membership.

The public transportation benefit authority is hereby established for the Whatcom County public transportation area, consisting of the following members:

A. The county executive;

B. Two members of the county council, selected by and serving at the pleasure of the county council;

C. The mayor of the city of Bellingham; and

D. Two members of the council of the city of Bellingham, selected by and serving at the pleasure of the city council. (Res. 83-34 § 1).

2.39.020 Assets of Bellingham municipal transit system.

The city of Bellingham shall offer the capital assets of the Bellingham municipal transit system to the authority at no cost other than the assumption of the outstanding debts on those assets by the authority. (Res. 83-34 § 2).

2.39.030 Bellingham service.

The city and county councils jointly agree that, insofar as is possible within the budgetary constraints upon the authority, the city of Bellingham should receive transit service comparable to that provided in 1982 by the Bellingham municipal transit system. (Res. 83-34 § 3).

2.39.040 Effective date.

This chapter shall take effect upon the adoption of an identical resolution to that codified in this chapter by the city of Bellingham. (Res. 83-34 § 4).