Chapter 2.48


2.48.010    Created.

2.48.020    Authority.

2.48.030    Objectives.

2.48.040    Membership.

2.48.050    Resource committee – Membership.

2.48.060    Resource committee – Functions.

2.48.010 Created.

There is created for the purpose of combatting poverty an opportunity council with authority to organize a united community-wide attack within the jurisdiction of Whatcom County. (Prior code § 1.44.010).

2.48.020 Authority.

The council shall have full authority to determine its own policies, organization and activities, and shall enjoy the general sponsorship of Whatcom County subject to the requirement that specific programs and financial participation involving Whatcom County shall be submitted for approval. (Ord. 93-048 (part); prior code § 1.44.060).

2.48.030 Objectives.

The objectives of the council shall include:

A. Mobilization of public and private resources to attack poverty;

B. Organization, financing and advancement of a community action program to meet the requirements of Title 11 of the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964;

C. Recruitment of sponsorship and participation by groups to be served and by institutions, agencies and organizations which have shown a concern with the problems of poverty;

D. Coordination of all the varied and scattered economic and social programs relating to the various titles under The Economic Opportunity Act of 1964. (Prior code § 1.44.030).

2.48.040 Membership.

Membership of the opportunity council shall be open to all groups and individuals able to demonstrate their intention and ability to assist in carrying out the objectives stated in WCC 2.48.030, including the following:

A. Elected representatives and officials of all political jurisdictions and subdivisions in Whatcom County;

B. Delegates of business, industrial, commercial, financial and labor organizations;

C. Delegates of ethnic, minority, religious, social, professional and service organizations having concern with poverty in any of its aspects;

D. Delegates of educational and training organizations and support groups, both public and private;

E. Delegates of groups and organizations concerned with poverty among their membership, including delegates of neighborhood and community improvement organizations. (Prior code § 1.44.030).

2.48.050 Resource committee – Membership.

There is created within the council a resource committee, the membership of which shall be open but not limited to representatives of the following service systems:

A. Educational Systems. Public schools and related educational agencies, libraries, private schools and other organizations providing educational services;

B. Employment System. Public employment agencies, apprenticeship agencies, employers, labor unions, occupational and vocational training agencies, special employment agencies, such as for youth or the handicapped;

C. Welfare System. Public welfare agencies, community nursing agencies, clinics, health and emergency hospital services;

D. Housing System. Agencies concerned with enforcement of housing, building, fire and sanitation codes, public and private agencies concerned with low-rent public housing, urban renewal and mortgage insurance;

E. Public Service System. Public and private agencies concerned with services to the poor, the aged, the minorities, youth, the physically or mentally handicapped, and ethnic groups within the fields of education, employment, training-health welfare or housing. (Prior code § 1.44.040).

2.48.060 Resource committee – Functions.

The functions of the resource committee shall include:

A. Determination of the character and incidence of poverty;

B. Identification of factors causing and contributing to poverty;

C. Development of plans, programs and activities to combat poverty and to eliminate the causes of poverty. (Prior code § 1.44.050).