Chapter 2.68


2.68.010    Policy.

2.68.020    Purpose.

2.68.030    Administration.

2.68.040    Control and regulation.

2.68.050    Enforcement.

2.68.060    Fees.

2.68.010 Policy.

All designated county parking lots/areas are declared to be private parking lots/areas subject to county administration, control, regulation, and enforcement. (Ord. 80-54 § 1).

2.68.020 Purpose.

The purpose of the policy set forth in this chapter is to provide and insure official, adequate, secure and available vehicle parking required for the expeditious conduct of county business. (Ord. 80-54 § 2).

2.68.030 Administration.

All designated county private parking lots/areas shall be administered under the county executive. (Ord. 80-54 § 3).

2.68.040 Control and regulation.

A. County private parking lots/areas shall be clearly signed and/or posted as county reserved or restricted parking areas.

B. Parking spaces within county parking lots/areas shall be subject to allocation according to need as established under the county executive’s administration.

C. Assignment of individual parking spaces shall be discretionary under the county executive’s administration.

D. A parking space shall be for the sole official use of the employee or department as assigned, subject to temporary reassignment for official use under the county executive’s administration. (Ord. 80-54 § 4).

2.68.050 Enforcement.

A. In order to maintain the private integrity of county parking lots/areas, authority is established for the use of commercial tow-away service for the removal of unauthorized vehicles occupying county designated parking space.

B. Tow-away service will be utilized under the direction of the county executive and/or his designee.

C. Any tow-away service charges incurred under this section shall be at the towed-away vehicle owner’s expense.

D. The county shall not be liable for any damages which might result from use of commercial tow-away service. (Ord. 80-54 § 5).

2.68.060 Fees.

Fees and charges shall be levied in such parking lots/areas as identified by the county executive and shall be set forth in the Whatcom County Unified Fee Schedule. (Ord. 93-080 Exh. B; Ord. 85-72).