Chapter 2.76


2.76.010    Department established.

2.76.020    Director appointment.

2.76.030    Duties.

2.76.040    Committees.

2.76.090    Severability.

2.76.010 Department established.

There is established a department called the administrative services department effective January 1, 1994. (Ord. 93-042 Exh. C).

2.76.020 Director appointment.

A. There shall be appointed a director of the administrative services department whose duties shall include management, oversight and administration of all department activities. The director shall be appointed by the county executive, subject to confirmation by a majority of the county council. The director shall be appointed for an indefinite period and serve at the will of the county executive.

B. It is the responsibility of the director to hire department staff in accordance with the personnel policies and procedures of the county, and any other applicable laws and regulations. (Ord. 93-042 Exh. C).

2.76.030 Duties.

A. The administrative services department shall be responsible for administration of the county purchasing system; the county personnel system; budget preparation, review and revision; information, communication and record systems; building maintenance and the planning and development of building facilities.

B. The director, subordinate or subordinates designated by the director, shall be responsible for administration of all rules and regulations of the federal, state and county governments, as well as policies and procedures as established by the county executive, that fall under the purview of this department.

C. The director, subordinate or subordinates designated by the director, shall be responsible for establishing and maintaining written standardized administrative system policies and procedures, hereinafter referred to as the “Whatcom County Administrative Policies and Procedures Handbook.”

1. The Whatcom County Administrative Policies and Procedures Handbook shall be developed after taking into account input from county administrators and from employee groups affected.

2. The administrative policies and procedures that make up the handbook shall be adopted and amended by executive order of the county executive. (Ord. 93-042 Exh. C).

2.76.040 Committees.

Internal service committees with user representation will be established to assist with the strategic and operational planning of the various department functions where appropriate. (Ord. 93-042 Exh. C).

2.76.090 Severability.

If any portion of this chapter shall be found unlawful, all remaining portions shall remain in effect. All rights, contracts, agreements, claims and obligations shall remain and be continued without interruption through the successor department as appropriate. (Ord. 93-042 Exh. C).