Chapter 3.07


3.07.010    Process adopted.

3.07.020    Procedure.

3.07.010 Process adopted.

The Whatcom County council hereby adopts a biennial budget process with a mid-biennium review and modification. (Ord. 2008-026).

3.07.020 Procedure.

Pursuant to RCW 36.40.250 and Section 6.05 of the County Charter, the county council provides for a mid-biennial review and modification of the biennial budget. No later than the third week in October of the first year of each biennial budget, the county executive shall prepare the review and any proposed budget modifications proposed to be effective as of the next January 1st. Such proposal shall be sent to county councilmembers, and shall be a public record and available to the press and to any resident of the county. Council committees may consider such proposed modifications, and any other budget modifications they deem necessary, and refer them to the county council with any recommendations. A public hearing shall be advertised at least once and shall be held at a county council meeting in the month of November, and may be continued from time to time. At such hearing, the council may consider a proposed ordinance to carry out such modifications. (Ord. 2008-026 Exh. A).