Chapter 3.68


3.68.010    Deposits required.

3.68.020    Disposition of funds.

3.68.030    Posting of clerk’s authority.

3.68.010 Deposits required.

The clerk of the council is granted the authority to require a deposit from any person or organization requesting a service for which a fee may be charged, said deposit to be for the full estimated cost of the bill for services, with any balance of the bill due prior to receipt of the end product of those services by the person or person requesting them. (Ord. 93-072).

3.68.020 Disposition of funds.

Upon receipt of a deposit, the clerk shall place said deposit with the treasurer’s office in the appropriate revenue fund(s). (Ord. 93-072).

3.68.030 Posting of clerk’s authority.

The clerk shall post notice of her authority in this matter, along with the council office fee schedule, as required by state law. (Ord. 93-072).