Chapter 5.40


5.40.010    Permit required.

5.40.020    Cash bond and indemnification required.

5.40.030    Right to limit further admissions.

5.40.040    Parking facilities.

5.40.050    Hours of operation.

5.40.060    Violation a misdemeanor.

5.40.010 Permit required.

It is unlawful for any person, persons, organization, landowner, or lessor to allow, encourage, organize, promote, conduct, permit or cause to be advertised an entertainment, amusement, or assembly of persons wherein one of the primary purposes will be the presentation of outdoor, live, or recorded musical entertainment, which said person, persons, or corporation, organization, landowner or lessor believes or has reason to believe will attract 1,000 or more persons, and where a charge or contribution is required for admission, unless a valid county permit has been obtained for the operation of the assembly pursuant to RCW Chapter 70.108, Outdoor Music Festivals. (Prior code § 4.12.010).

5.40.020 Cash bond and indemnification required.

After the application for permit has been approved, the promoter shall deposit with the issuing authority, a cash deposit or surety bond in accordance with RCW 70.108.70. In addition to the uses for the bond or deposit listed in RCW 70.108.70 there shall be the following added uses:

A. To save and protect the streets, pavements and bridges;

B. Repair road signs;

C. Repair all other property in the county from any and all damage that may be caused by vehicles, employees, or participants in such outdoor musical assembly. (Prior code § 4.12.020).

5.40.030 Right to limit further admissions.

If at any time during said event the size of the crowd exceeds by 20 percent the number of persons represented by the sponsors to be expected to be in attendance, the Whatcom County sheriff shall have the discretion to require the sponsor to limit further admissions. (Prior code § 4.12.030).

5.40.040 Parking facilities.

Application for a permit under this chapter shall be accompanied by a scale drawing showing adequate parking facilities have been made available within or adjacent to the location for which the permit is requested. Such parking facilities shall provide parking space for one vehicle for every four persons expected or reasonably to be expected. Adequate ingress and egress shall be provided to or from such parking area to facilitate the movement of any vehicle at any time to or from the parking area; provided, that, if any nonadjacent parking facilities be approved, shuttle buses shall be used to transport the public to said event on a no-charge basis. (Prior code § 4.12.040)

5.40.050 Hours of operation.

No outdoor musical assembly shall be conducted in the unincorporated areas of Whatcom County during the hours of one minute after 12:00 midnight and 9:00 a.m.; provided, that no license shall be issued for more than one 24-hour period ending at midnight. The participants shall be required to have cleared the licensed area and its immediate environs no later than 1:00 a.m. on the day following the licensed event. (Prior code § 4.12.050).

5.40.060 Violation a misdemeanor.

Any person who violates or fails to comply with any provision of this chapter, who, having obtained a permit under this chapter, wilfully fails to continue to comply with the terms and conditions hereunder, or who counsels, aids or abets such a violation or failure to comply, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor. (Prior code § 4.12.060).