Chapter 5.44


5.44.010    County sheriff’s authority.

5.44.020    Closing time designated.

5.44.010 County sheriff’s authority.

Under the provisions of Chapter 112, Session Laws of 1909, the Whatcom County sheriff has the sole and exclusive authority and power to regulate, restrain, license, or prohibit the maintenance or running of pool halls, billiard halls, and bowling alleys outside of the incorporated limits of each incorporated city, town or village. (Ord. 93-048 (part); prior code § 4.56.010).

5.44.020 Closing time designated.

All pool halls, billiard halls and bowling alleys, located outside of the incorporated limits of cities and towns in Whatcom County, shall close every night at 12:00 midnight. (Ord. 93-048 (part); prior code § 4.56.020).