Chapter 9.16


9.16.010    Purpose.

9.16.020    Designated.

9.16.030    Certain offenses specified.

9.16.010 Purpose.

The legislative authority of Whatcom County is of the unanimous opinion that public good requires them to offer and pay a suitable reward to discourage crimes against county property. (Res. dated 5/22/78 § 1; prior code § 5.43.01).

9.16.020 Designated.

Whatcom County will pay a reward of not to exceed $250.00, in any one case, to any person or persons who shall furnish information or testimony leading to the arrest and conviction of any person of any offense against county property, including, but not limited to, road signs, vehicles, buildings, or any other type of county property. (Res. dated 5/22/78 § 2; prior code § 5.43.02).

9.16.030 Certain offenses specified.

An offense against county property shall for the purposes of reward include, but not be limited to, arson and malicious mischief, in the first, second and/or third degree as set forth in RCW 9A.48.070, through 9A.48.090, whether or not the offense be a felony, gross misdemeanor, or misdemeanor. (Res. dated 5/22/78 § 3; prior code § 5.43.03).