Chapter 9.44


9.44.010    Breach of the peace prohibited.

9.44.020    Noise standards.

9.44.025    Farm operations exempted.

9.44.030    Penalty.

9.44.010 Breach of the peace prohibited.

It shall be unlawful for any person, by loud or unusual noise, or by means of tumultuous conduct, to disturb the peace or quiet of another. (Ord. 82-51 (part)).

9.44.020 Noise standards.

The standards which shall be considered in determining whether a violation of the noise provisions of this chapter exists shall be in accordance with the standards set forth in WCC Chapter 9.40. (Ord. 82-51 (part)).

9.44.025 Farm operations exempted.

For the purposes of enforcing this chapter, farm operations as defined in WCC 14.02.020 shall not be considered to be a breach of peace. (Ord. 93-073 Exh. C).

9.44.030 Penalty.

A violation of this chapter shall constitute a Class 2 civil infraction punishable as set forth in RCW 7.80.120(1)(b). (Ord. 2018-010; Ord. 82-51 (part)).