Chapter 11.12


11.12.010    Safety equipment.

11.12.020    Mufflers and backfire devices.

11.12.030    Lifesaving equipment.

11.12.010 Safety equipment.

All vessels shall be equipped with safety equipment as follows:

A. Whistles. Vessels 16 feet or over in length shall be equipped with an efficient whistle or other sound-producing appliance.

B. Fire Extinguishers – Required. All motorized vessels shall carry at least one class B-I or B-II U.S. Coast Guard approved fire extinguisher. (Ord. 90-83 (part)).

11.12.020 Mufflers and backfire devices.

A. All vessels shall at all times be equipped with a functioning underwater or muffler system to prevent excessive or unusual noise.

B. No person shall use a muffler or exhaust system with a cutout, a by-pass, open straight stacks or similar devices that would lessen or negate the sound suppression characteristics of the muffler system.

C. Carburetors on all engines of vessels, other than outboard motors, shall be fitted with a U.S. Coast Guard approved backfire arresting device. (Ord. 90-83 (part)).

11.12.030 Lifesaving equipment.

All vessels shall be equipped with the following types of personal flotation devices (PFD). These PFDs shall be U.S. Coast Guard approved.

A. All persons under the age of seven years shall wear at least a type III PFD of an appropriate size, any time they are on a vessel on any waterway.

B. All vessels less than 20 feet in length and all canoes and kayaks must have one type I, II, III or IV device of a suitable size for each person aboard.

C. All vessels 20 feet in length and over must have one type I, II or III device of a suitable size for each person aboard, and, in addition, one throwable type IV device.

D. All type I, II, III and IV devices shall be readily accessible to all persons aboard. The type IV device shall be immediately available for use. All flotation devices shall be in good condition, serviceable and U.S. Coast Guard approved. (Ord. 90-83 (part)).