Chapter 11.36


11.36.010    Authority – Permit required – Application.

11.36.020    Permit – Fees and bond.

11.36.030    Permit – Issuance.

11.36.040    Special shoreline regulations.

11.36.010 Authority – Permit required – Application.

A. The sheriff may authorize the holding of regattas, motorized vessel or other boat races, tournaments or exhibitions, water-ski tournaments, or other events on any waters of the county not otherwise restricted by county ordinance.

B. Persons or organizations desiring to sponsor such events shall apply to the sheriff at least 10 days in advance of the commencement of such events for a permit. Such application shall be submitted on forms provided by the sheriff and shall specify:

1. The waters and general area where the event shall be held;

2. The buoys or other marking devices the sponsor of such event shall place upon the waters to set off any race course or other area;

3. The provisions made by the sponsors for patrolling to prevent the unauthorized entry into the area of nonparticipants;

4. The rescue and safety measures that shall be provided to insure the safety of participants and others from injury or damage;

5. The dates of such events, including the dates of trial practice or preliminary events, and such other information as the sheriff may require to fully inform him of the nature and extent of such event. (Ord. 90-83 (part)).

11.36.020 Permit – Fees and bond.

Each application shall be accompanied by a permit fee as set forth in the Whatcom County Unified Fee Schedule and a bond of not less than $2,000, payable to the county, to hold the county harmless from any injury or damage which may result from such event, and to insure that requirements for markers, rescue equipment, or other safety conditions stated in the application finally approved are actually provided. (Ord. 93-080 Exh. O; Ord. 90-83 (part)).

11.36.030 Permit – Issuance.

Within 10 days after receiving such application, if adequate provision is made for the safety of the participants and the general public, the sheriff may issue a permit for such event. Such permit shall be issued subject to the condition that the applicant will fulfill the provisions specified in the application finally approved. If at any time the sponsors or participants in such event violate any of the conditions contained in the applications, such permit may be revoked by the sheriff. (Ord. 90-83 (part)).

11.36.040 Special shoreline regulations.

Where exceptional circumstances are shown to exist, the sheriff may, by the application procedures established in Sections 11.36.010 through 11.36.030, issue a permit for the operation of an individual vessel within 150 feet of any shoreline in excess of the six-mile-per-hour speed limit established herein; provided that the bonding requirement established by Section 11.36.020 may be waived if the circumstances surrounding the issuance of the permit do not warrant such a requirement in the judgment of the sheriff. Any area wherein vessels are permitted to operate in excess of the speed restrictions within 100 feet of the shoreline shall be marked by buoys, posted signs and/or other markings sufficient to warn the general public. It is unlawful for any person to swim or skin dive within such specially marked areas. (Ord. 90-83 (part)).