Chapter 12.04


12.04.010    Established.

12.04.020    Maximum property tax specified.

12.04.010 Established.

One county-wide road district shall be established with consolidated operations as part of the function of the department of public works. One taxing district is created through the consolidation of the three taxing districts. (Ord. 79-66 (part)).

12.04.020 Maximum property tax specified.

The regular property tax payable in the year following the effective date of this chapter shall not exceed 106 percent of the sum of the amount of the regular property taxes lawfully levied for such component taxing district in the highest of the three most recent years in which such taxes are levied for such district, plus additional dollar amounts calculated by multiplying the increased and assessed value in each component district resulting from new construction and improvements to property by the regular property tax rate of each component district for the preceding year pursuant to RCW 84.55.020. (Ord. 79-66 (part)).