Chapter 12.30


12.30.010    Depth.

12.30.020    Encasement.

12.30.030    Engineering plans.

12.30.040    Location marking.

12.30.050    Encroachment permit.

12.30.060    Fees.

12.30.070    Violations.

12.30.010 Depth.

All fiber optic systems shall be installed at a depth of not less than 36 inches below the road surface or 36 inches below any county ditch line if installed within the drainage area. (Ord. 87-37 § 1).

12.30.020 Encasement.

Fiber optic systems shall be protected when placed into the ground, in one of the following ways:

A. Conduit system;

B. Metal armored, shall mean the metal shield within the outside cable sheath; or

C. Concrete encasement. (Ord. 87-37 § 2).

12.30.030 Engineering plans.

Prior to installing any fiber optic system within the county rights-of-way, easements and county-owned property, an application shall be filed with the buildings and code administration and approved by the county engineer or his designee, and one set of plans shall be filed with maintenance and operations division. (Ord. 87-37 § 3).

12.30.040 Location marking.

A. All fiber optic cable installers shall mark the installation of the system with marking tape or locating wire. When marking tape is placed, it shall be used at 18-inch depth. Where nonmetallic fiber cable is used, a locater wire shall be used and must be at same depth as fiber optic cable.

B. Aboveground signing shall be installed to mark fiber optic cable systems in rural areas. Aboveground signing system shall be placed every 100 feet or line of sight, whichever is greater. (Ord. 87-37 § 4).

12.30.050 Encroachment permit.

All contractors, companies and installers of fiber optic cable shall obtain an encroachment permit and receive approval thereof for any fiber optic cable installed within county rights-of-way, easements and county-owned property. (Ord. 87-37 § 5).

12.30.060 Fees.

Permit fees shall be as and in accordance with Chapter 12.16 of this code. (Ord. 87-37 § 6).

12.30.070 Violations.

Any violations of this chapter shall be cause for revocation of the franchise of any utility company or corporation and the cause for removal of fiber optic cable system within county rights-of-way, easements and county-owned property at the utility’s expense. (Ord. 87-37 § 7).