Chapter 12.56


12.56.010    Installation.

12.56.010 Installation.

The public works department of Whatcom County is hereby authorized to install drunk driving victim memorial signs along county roads in Whatcom County, Washington, subject to the following provisions:

A. Signs shall not exceed 24 by 36 inches on county roads, and the memorial plaques shall not exceed 12 by 24 inches on county roads.

B. One sign post shall be placed per accident site. Sponsor has option of one sign per each direction, or one sign only. If requests exceed locations, sponsor may add memorial plaques to existing sign posts.

C. Sign shall be located within one-quarter mile of the accident site for safety reasons.

D. Signs must be placed on the back side of the ditch line or outer edge of the right-of-way if no ditch line exists. Signs shall be located and placed by county crews.

E. Signs shall be retired after five years unless an extension is requested by the sponsor. The decision to extend will be granted based on a review of the following factors: sign condition, availability of location, and cost to upgrade.

F. Memorial signs shall only be approved for sponsors where there is full immediate family consent. For the purpose of this chapter, “full immediate family” shall consist of spouse, parents, children and siblings.

G. The total number of locations in the county shall not exceed 12. Each location shall have one sign post with no two posts located within one-half mile of each other. Additional memorial plaques on the same post will not be considered additional locations.

H. Signs may be installed in memory of any person who died as a result of a motor vehicle accident caused by a driver who was convicted of a vehicular homicide under the purview of RCW 46.61.520, and was shown to be driving while intoxicated (DWI) at the time of the accident. Signs for other traffic safety-related fatalities will not be precluded by this chapter.

I. The entire sign cost, including billing, together with placing and erecting the signs shall be paid by the sponsors but shall be located and placed by county crews.

J. Replacement costs of the signs due to damage, theft, or disrepair shall be the responsibility of the sponsor. Replacement shall not occur unless sponsor so requests.

K. All such work by the sign crews shall be coordinated with the traffic engineer of the public works department for location approval.

L. The traffic engineer of the Whatcom County public works department shall be authorized to determine sign locations, whether additional signs would be a hazard to the motoring public, and also to determine when such sign is in need of replacement. (Ord. 2000-024; Ord. 96-053).