Chapter 23.05


23.05.010    Administrative procedures.

23.05.010 Administrative procedures.

As described in adopted Whatcom County Ordinance 2008-034, the general administrative sections of Title 23 (Whatcom County Shoreline Management Program) are not part of this program. They are, however, included with the text of this title for consistency and ease of use. Department of Ecology will be notified of any changes to the administrative chapters listed below.

The use of separate local administrative and enforcement procedures is consistent with the 2003 Washington State Shoreline Master Program Guidelines (WAC 173-26-191(2)(a)(iii)(C)), Administrative provisions:

Local governments may include administrative, enforcement, and permit review procedures in the master program or the procedures may be defined by a local government ordinance separate from the master program. In either case, these procedures shall conform to the Shoreline Management Act, specifically RCW 90.58.140, 90.58.143, 90.58.210 and 90.58.220 and to chapter 173-27 WAC.

This allows Whatcom County to revise local administrative procedures (fees, application meetings, authority of administrator, etc.) without another formal state amendment process. These chapters must still be consistent and remain consistent with the related provisions in the Shoreline Management Act and state shoreline rules (WACs). In the event of a conflict, the state RCW or WAC, as amended, will prevail over the local ordinance.

The following sections and chapters are part of the Whatcom County Administrative Procedures Ordinance 2008-034, separate from this title:

WCC 23.60.050 – Minimum application requirements.

WCC 23.60.060 – Preapplication conference.

WCC 23.60.070 – Fees.

WCC 23.60.080 – Notice of application.

WCC 23.60.090 – Permit application review.

WCC 23.60.100 – Consolidated permit review.

WCC 23.60.110 – State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) compliance.

WCC 23.60.130 – Public hearings.

WCC 23.60.140 – Permit conditions.

WCC 23.60.150 – Notice of decision, reconsideration and appeal.

WCC 23.60.160 – Initiation of development.

WCC 23.60.180 – Rescission and modification.

WCC 23.60.190 – Expiration.

Chapter 23.70 WCC – Administration.

Chapter 23.80 WCC – Legal Provisions. (Ord. 2009-13 § 1 (Exh. 1)).