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Chapter 2.48


2.48.010    Establishment—Composition—Appointment of members.

2.48.020    Powers and duties.

2.48.030    Quorum and voting.

2.48.040    Limitations.


2.48.010 Establishment—Composition—Appointment of members.

A.    There is created a Valdez parks and recreation commission, consisting of seven members who are interested in parks and recreation opportunities and programs for the benefit of the city. The members are appointed by the mayor, with approval of the city council, for two-year terms.

B.    Appointments to the commission shall be adjusted by the mayor and council to ensure continuity. In this regard, initial appointments may be made for terms other than two years, to ensure that the terms of no more than four members expire in any one year. (Prior code § 2-26)

2.48.020 Powers and duties.

The commission is an advisory commission to the city council and the planning and zoning commission. It shall:

A.    Act in an advisory capacity to the city in regard to the planning, implementation and enforcement of programs dealing with the establishment, development and maintenance of parks, the creation and preservation of recreational facilities and opportunities, and the conservation of natural and recreational features within the city;

B.    Receive, consider and evaluate public input, opinions and recommendations regarding the parks and recreation programs of the city and advise the city council and planning and zoning commission of any findings or recommendations;

C.    Make recommendations regarding the parks and recreation budget of the city;

D.    Meet at least once a month and cause minutes of each meeting to be recorded and forwarded to the council through the city manager; and

E.    Perform such other activities as may be requested of it by the city council or the planning and zoning commission. (Prior code § 2-27)

2.48.030 Quorum and voting.

A quorum of the parks and recreation commission for the conduct of any meeting or public hearing shall be a majority of the commission. No actions shall be taken by the commission except by concurrence of at least four members. (Prior code § 2-28)

2.48.040 Limitations.

The commission has only those powers and duties set forth in this chapter and those necessarily implied from those enumerated. In particular, the commission may not:

A.    Expend or obligate city funds without prior approval of the city council; or

B.    Act in any manner inconsistent with the powers of the planning and zoning commission or with the requirements of Section 2.48.020. (Prior code § 2-29)

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The Valdez Municipal Code is current through Ordinance 14-7, passed December 15, 2014.

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