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Chapter 2.52


2.52.010    Established—Composition—Appointment of members—Chairman.

2.52.020    Terms of office of members—Filling of vacancies.

2.52.030    Powers and duties.

2.52.040    Quorum and voting.

2.52.050    Decisions.


2.52.010 Established—Composition—Appointment of members—Chairman.

There shall be a city planning and zoning commission, which shall consist of seven members who shall be appointed by the mayor, with the approval of the city council. The city council shall serve as ex officio members of the commission. The commission shall elect its chairman from among the appointive members. (Prior code § 2-14)

2.52.020 Terms of office of members—Filling of vacancies.

The term of office of the appointive members of the planning and zoning commission shall be three years. Any vacancy during the unexpired term of an appointive member shall be filled by the city council for the remainder of the term. (Prop. 1, 10-2-01; prior code § 2-15)

2.52.030 Powers and duties.

The planning and zoning commission shall:

A.    Have the authority to prepare and submit to the city council for its approval a master plan for the physical development of the city, including the general location, character and extent of streets, bridges, parks, waterways and other public ways, grounds and spaces, together with the general location of the public buildings and other public property, public utilities, and the extent and location of any public housing or slum clearance projects. The commission shall recommend such modifications of such plan from time to time, as it deems in the city’s interest;

B.    Prepare and recommend to the city council a comprehensive zoning ordinance and map, or propose amendments or revisions thereof, with such provisions as the commission shall deem necessary or desirable for the promotion of health, safety, morals and general welfare of the inhabitants of the city;

C.    Act as the platting board and exercise other functions with respect to land subdivisions, planning and zoning as may be prescribed elsewhere in this code or any other ordinance of the city, not inconsistent with the provisions of the city charter; and

D.    Cause minutes of each meeting to be recorded and forwarded to the city council through the city manager. (Prior code § 2-16)

2.52.040 Quorum and voting.

A quorum of the planning and zoning commission for the conduct of any meeting or public hearing shall be a majority of the commission. No actions shall be taken by the commission except by concurrence of at least four members. (Prior code § 2-17)

2.52.050 Decisions.

Any and all final decisions of the planning and zoning commission may be overruled or reversed by the city council, but only upon a vote of five council members in favor of such overruling or reversal. (Prior code § 2-18)

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