Chapter 88.02


88.02.010    Purpose and intent.

88.02.020    Properties designated.

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By Ordinance No. 1951 of the City Council of the City of Coronado, as amended by Ordinance No. 1962, there is established the Orange Avenue Corridor Specific Plan (the “Specific Plan”). The Specific Plan will guide development for the next 20 years and provides a policy and regulatory bridge between the City’s General Plan and individual, project-level development. The Specific Plan includes policies that will serve as guidance to decision makers and contains the regulatory development standards and design criteria intended to maintain Coronado’s village character. The Specific Plan may be amended by the City Council, by ordinance, from time to time as deemed necessary. (Ord. 1962 § 3, 2004; Ord. 1953 § 1, 2003)

Properties zoned C (Commercial), R-4 (Multiple-Family) Residential, C-U (Civic Use), C-U (Civic Use) Overlay, and OS (Open Space) are located in the Orange Avenue Corridor Specific Plan. (Ord. 1953 § 1, 2003)