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Title 18


18.02    Adoption, Title, Intent, Interpretation and Purpose

18.04    Zoning Districts

18.06    Definitions

18.08    Regulations for A – Agricultural Zoning Districts

18.10    Regulations for R1-8L – Single-Family, Larger Lot Area Zoning Districts

18.12    Regulations for R1-6L – Single-Family Zoning Districts

18.14    Regulations for R2-7L – Duplex Zoning Districts

18.16    Regulations for R3-18D – Low-Density Multiple-Dwelling Zoning Districts

18.18    Regulations for R3-25D – Moderate-Density Multiple-Dwelling Zoning Districts

18.20    Regulations for R3-36D – Medium-Density Multiple-Dwelling Zoning Districts

18.22    Regulations for Various Mixed Use Combining Zoning Districts

18.24    Regulations for R3-M – Mobile Home Park Zoning Districts

18.26    Regulations for R3-RV – Recreational Vehicle Park Zoning Districts

18.28    Reserved

18.30    Regulations for OA – Professional Office Zoning Districts

18.32    Regulations for OG – General Office Zoning Districts

18.34    Regulations for CN – Neighborhood Commercial Zoning Districts

18.36    Regulations for CC – Community Commercial Zoning Districts

18.38    Regulations for CT – Thoroughfare Commercial Zoning Districts

18.40    Regulations for CD – Downtown Commercial Zoning Districts

18.42    Regulations for CP – Commercial Park Zoning Districts

18.44    Regulations for CR – Commercial Recreation Zoning Districts

18.46    Regulations for MP – Planned Industrial Zoning Districts

18.48    Regulations for ML – Light Industrial Zoning Districts

18.50    Regulations for MH – Heavy Industrial Zoning Districts

18.52    Regulations for B – Public, Quasi-Public, and Public Park or Recreation Zoning Districts

18.54    Regulations for PD – Planned Development and Combined Zoning Districts

18.56    Planned Development – Master Community Zoning Districts

18.58    Regulations for HT – Historic Combining Districts

18.60    Special Use Regulations Applicable to Certain Zoning Districts

18.62    Special Yard and Area Regulations

18.64    Special Height Regulations

18.66    Special Regulations Applicable to Residential Accessory Buildings

18.68    Service Station Standards

18.70    Use Regulations Applicable to Specified Regulated Businesses

18.72    Prohibition of Superstore Establishments

18.74    Parking Regulations

18.76    Architectural Review

18.78    Residential Density Bonus Standards

18.80    Sign Regulations

18.82    Prohibited Activities in Residential Districts

18.84    Special Provisions for Central Business Area – Parking Requirements

18.86    Off-Site Parking Provisions

18.88    Landscape Permit Provisions

18.90    Zoning Administrator

18.92    Procedure for Establishing Setback Lines

18.94    Nonconforming Uses

18.96    Certificates of Use and Occupancy

18.98    Special Zoning Exceptions

18.100    Home Occupations

18.102    Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

18.104    Reserved

18.106    Reserved

18.108    Variances

18.110    Use Permits

18.112    Amendments

18.114    Enforcement, Penalties and Legal Procedures

18.116    Legislative

18.118    Reasonable Accommodation

18.120    Emergency Shelters

*Code reviser’s note: The provisions of this title derive from Ordinance 1204, passed March 18, 1969, as amended through Ordinance 1664, passed December 1, 1994. For the ordinance history of specific Zoning Ordinance sections, refer to the 1983 compilation on file in the office of the City Clerk.

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