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Chapter 18.44


18.44.010  Application.

18.44.020  Intent.

18.44.030  Permitted uses.

18.44.040  Conditional uses.

18.44.050  Lot area.

18.44.060  Lot width.

18.44.070  Front yard.

18.44.080  Side yards.

18.44.090  Rear yard.

18.44.100  Maximum building coverage.

18.44.110  Open landscaped area.

18.44.120  Minimum parking requirements.

18.44.130  Additional development standards.


18.44.010 Application.

The regulations set forth in this chapter apply in all CR zoning districts. (Zoning Ord. § 22-1).

18.44.020 Intent.

This district is designed for major commercial recreational and leisure activities, such as a recreational, amusement, or theme park, arena, amphitheater, golf course, and ancillary commercial services for patrons of such activities on parcels of ten acres or more. (Zoning Ord. § 22-2).

18.44.030 Permitted uses.

None but the following uses or uses that, in the opinion of the Planning Commission, are of a similar nature will be permitted.

All uses shall be so located, constructed, and operated as not to be offensive or objectionable because of dust, gas, smoke, noise, fumes, odors, vibrations, glare, or other public nuisances.

(a) Outdoor amusement and recreational enterprise, such as an amusement, recreational or theme park, an amphitheater, golf driving range, miniature golf course, picnic area, mechanical ride, or attraction.

(b) Indoor amusement and recreational enterprise, such as arcade, arena, bowling alley, skating rink, studio, and theater.

(c) Specialty retail business, such as antique shop, art gallery, delicatessen, handicraft shop, souvenir and curio shop.

(d) Restaurant, not including sale of alcoholic beverages or drive-in facility.

(e) Parking facility.

(f) Incidental storage and accessory uses. (Zoning Ord. § 22-3).

18.44.040 Conditional uses.

The following conditional uses may be established only by first securing a use permit in each case as provided in Chapter 18.110 SCCC.

(a) Restaurant, cocktail lounge, and nightclub serving alcoholic beverages.

(b) Drive-in restaurant.

(c) Service station (exempt from the lot size, setback, and landscaping requirements of this chapter, but must comply with Chapter 18.68 SCCC). (Zoning Ord. § 22-4).

18.44.050 Lot area.

Each lot shall contain a minimum area of ten acres. (Zoning Ord. § 22-5).

18.44.060 Lot width.

The minimum lot width shall not be less than two hundred (200) feet. (Zoning Ord. § 22-6).

18.44.070 Front yard.

Each lot shall have a street side front yard of not less than forty (40) feet in depth. (Zoning Ord. § 22-7).

18.44.080 Side yards.

Side yards are required at each side of every lot. Each such side yard shall not be less than twenty (20) feet in width.

The street side yard of each corner lot exclusive of front yard shall not be less than forty (40) feet in width. (Zoning Ord. § 22-8).

18.44.090 Rear yard.

Each lot shall have a rear yard of not less than twenty (20) feet in depth at the rear of the lot. The setback for structures adjacent to a residentially zoned property or general planned properties shall be equal to or greater than the height of the structure. (Zoning Ord. § 22-9).

18.44.100 Maximum building coverage.

Buildings, including accessory buildings, shall not cover a total of more than thirty-five percent (35%) of the area of any lot. (Zoning Ord. § 22-10).

18.44.110 Open landscaped area.

The following yards and areas shall be developed into and permanently maintained as open landscaped areas containing ground cover, trees, and shrubs:

(a) First twenty (20) feet of required front yards and street side yards of corner lots (with openings for access ways in accordance with City standards). A landscaped berm or planning division-approved equivalent, not less than thirty (30) inches in height, shall be provided between the required street landscaping and any open area used for parking, storage, and the like, except for necessary driveways and walkways.

(b) A minimum area equal to at least ten percent of the required parking area to be evenly distributed throughout the parking area and adjacent to buildings.

(c) An alternative proposal, equal to or exceeding the open landscaped area provisions provided herein, may be used subject to approval by the architectural committee in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 18.76 SCCC. (Zoning Ord. § 22-11).

18.44.120 Minimum parking requirements.

The minimum parking requirements are as specified in Chapter 18.74 SCCC. (Zoning Ord. § 22-12).

18.44.130 Additional development standards.

(a) Fencing. At the time of new construction or reconstruction of a building on property, a solid fence of masonry six feet high shall be installed and thereafter maintained by the owner of property in this zoning district on all common property lines with residentially zoned property or with property designated as residential in the general plan.

Fencing shall not exceed three feet in height if located within twenty (20) feet of front or street side yard lot lines.

(b) Landscaped Buffer. A planter landscaped in screening shrubs and trees is required and shall be permanently maintained adjacent to the fencing and property lines abutting a residentially zoned property or property designated as residential in the general plan. Each planter area shall be surrounded with a six-inch raised concrete curbing or planning division-approved equivalent. Minimum width of planter shall be ten feet. An irrigation system shall be installed and permanently maintained in working order in each separate planter area.

(c) Lighting. Lighting, if provided, shall reflect away from residential areas.

(d) Trash Disposal. Each property shall provide adequate and accessible trash disposal areas. Said disposal area shall be screened from public view by a masonry enclosure, with solid wood gates, at least six feet in height and shall be designed and located in a manner acceptable to the Director of Planning and Inspection.

(e) Noise Impact. Noise impact shall be considered in the design of all facilities and uses to minimize the impact on residential properties. (Zoning Ord. § 22-13).

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