Frequently Asked Questions

How To Use Your Code

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Online Code

+ How do I browse a code?

+ How do I search a code?

+ How can I save my searches?

+ How do I print sections of the code?

+ Can I save parts of the code to word or another format?

+ How do I email parts of a code?

+ What platforms and browsers can be used to view a code?

+ Can I view a code on a mobile device?

+ What options are available for an online code?

+ How do I view an earlier version of a code? Can I compare it with the current version of the code?

The Printed Code

+ Whom do I call for a new copy of a code?

+ What are the binder options?

+ What are the tab divider options?

Technical Questions

+ How do I find all the ordinances affecting a particular section?

+ Zoning related questions (e.g., How do I find the lot requirements for my house? Are signs allowed in residential districts? What are the parking requirements?).

+ Have any other technical questions?

Archived versions.

+ How do I order a copy of the code (either electronic or print) from several years ago?