Chapter 4.20


4.20.010    Established.

4.20.020    Term of office.

4.20.030    Vacancy and removal.

4.20.040    Chair of the board.

4.20.050    Meetings.

4.20.060    Quorum.

4.20.070    Meetings of the board.

4.20.080    Conflicts of interest.

4.20.010 Established.

There is established an assembly board of ethics consisting of five public members and one alternate public member, nominated by the presiding officer and confirmed by the assembly. The alternate member shall be a full voting member of the board with all the rights and responsibilities thereto, except as otherwise provided in FNSBC 6.20.130(G). (Ord. 2006-69 § 2, 2006. 2004 Code § 2.10.040.)

4.20.020 Term of office.

A. Members of the board shall serve terms of office of three years, except that initial appointments shall be:

1. One regular member for a term of one year;

2. Two regular members for a term of two years;

3. Two regular members for a term of three years; and

4. The alternate member for a term of three years.

B. A member of the board shall remain in office until a successor is appointed and confirmed.

C. The board is not subject to sunset requirements under FNSBC 4.04.180(A). (Ord. 2006-69 § 2, 2006. 2004 Code § 2.10.050.)

4.20.030 Vacancy and removal.

A. A seat on the board may become vacant by reason of resignation or death of a member of the board.

B. Members of the board may be removed without cause and the seats declared vacant by a majority vote of the assembly. (Ord. 2006-69 § 2, 2006. 2004 Code § 2.10.060.)

4.20.040 Chair of the board.

A. Members of the board shall elect a chair at a meeting scheduled in January for a term of one year. The chair shall preside at all meetings of the board. The chair shall represent the board to the assembly and the general public.

B. The board may appoint a temporary chair in the event that the chair declines or is unable to attend such meetings. (Ord. 2006-69 § 2, 2006. 2004 Code § 2.10.070.)

4.20.050 Meetings.

The clerk shall schedule all board meetings and hearings. The board may schedule meetings or special hearings by a majority vote. (Ord. 2006-69 § 2, 2006. 2004 Code § 2.10.080.)

4.20.060 Quorum.

A. A quorum shall consist of three members of the board who may include the alternate member.

B. In the event a quorum cannot be met due to a member’s refusal to attend without excuse, the member may be removed and the seat declared vacant by a majority vote of the assembly. The successor shall be appointed and confirmed as provided in FNSBC 4.20.020(B) for the unexpired term of the removed member. (Ord. 2006-69 § 2, 2006. 2004 Code § 2.10.090.)

4.20.070 Meetings of the board.

A. All meetings of the board with respect to a complaint shall be closed and confidential, except the respondent may request a public hearing.

B. Other meetings of the board shall be open and noticed appropriately. (Ord. 2006-69 § 2, 2006. 2004 Code § 2.10.100.)

4.20.080 Conflicts of interest.

A member of the board who has a conflict of interest in any matter under investigation or consideration must disclose the conflict of interest and shall not participate in the matter. (Ord. 2006-69 § 2, 2006. 2004 Code § 2.10.110.)