Chapter 4.48


4.48.010    Created.

4.48.020    Terms of office.

4.48.030    Duties.

4.48.010 Created.

A. There is created the Fairbanks North Star Borough health and social services commission, as required by state law.

B. The commission shall consist of nine members to be appointed by the borough mayor and confirmed by the assembly. The borough mayor and the mayors of the cities of Fairbanks and North Pole, or their designees, may sit as ex officio members of the commission. (Ord. 93-056 § 2, 1993; Ord. 93-039 § 5, 1993. 2004 Code § 2.67.010.)

4.48.020 Terms of office.

Members of the commission shall serve a term of three years. (Ord. 93-056 § 3, 1993. 2004 Code § 2.67.020.)

4.48.030 Duties.

A. The commission shall:

1. Notwithstanding other provisions of this code, including FNSBC 7.04.200 and 16.04.040, establish priorities, allocate, and award to qualified grantees money funded under the state of Alaska human services community-matching grant program and funds appropriated by the assembly for any local matches needed for grants received by nonprofit organizations serving the health and social services needs of the borough community. The allocation and award shall not require assembly approval but shall be made in compliance with a process approved by the commission and copied to the assembly for their concurrence;

2. Identify the health and social goals and needs of the community and to stimulate coordination and maximum use of existing and planned facilities, services and human resources to meet these identified community needs;

3. Cooperate with all appropriate agencies in the preparation of plans and procedures for attainment of community goals through the coordination of existing programs;

4. Determine resources available, including federal and state programs, for dealing with the health and social needs of the Fairbanks North Star Borough.

B. The commission’s funding allocations made under subsection (A)(1) of this section may be appealed to the assembly by any private nonprofit agency that applies for an allocation to provide essential human services. Appeals shall be filed with the borough clerk no later than 15 days after the commission’s final determination of funding allocations. Allocations may be appealed solely on the grounds that a successful applicant does not provide essential human services as defined in AS 29.60. (Ord. 2004-48 § 2, 2004; Ord. 93-056 § 3, 1993. 2004 Code § 2.67.030.)