Chapter 10.08


10.08.010    Definition.

10.08.020    Notification upon impoundment.

10.08.030    Notification to record owners.

10.08.040    Penalties.

10.08.010 Definition.

Impoundment” means any incident in the Fairbanks North Star Borough, outside the cities of Fairbanks and North Pole, in which a towing and storage lien is created under the authority of AS 28.11. This statute creates a towing and storage lien when a person tows a vehicle under contract with the owner or lessee of the property upon which the motor vehicle is parked without consent. (Amended during 2016 republication; Ord. 99-021 § 2, 1999. 2004 Code § 10.01.040.)

10.08.020 Notification upon impoundment.

A person engaged in the business of towing motor vehicles shall notify the Alaska State Troopers within one-half hour of the time of any impoundment. Notification is not required if vehicle was impounded at the request of a law enforcement officer or towed at the request of the owner of the vehicle. (Ord. 99-021 § 2, 1999. 2004 Code § 10.01.010.)

10.08.030 Notification to record owners.

A. A person engaged in the business of towing motor vehicles shall notify the record owner and any lien holder of record of an impounded vehicle in writing by certified mail to the address listed on the vehicle registration not later than seven calendar days after a vehicle has been impounded, if the vehicle is not reclaimed.

B. If the impounded vehicle is not registered in Alaska and no vehicle registration is found in the impounded vehicle, then the notice requirement in subsection (A) of this section is extended to 45 days. (Ord. 99-021 § 2, 1999. 2004 Code § 10.01.020.)

10.08.040 Penalties.

A. Any person violating this chapter is punishable upon conviction by a fine of not more than $300.00 for each violation.

B. In addition to any other remedy or penalty provided by this section, a person who violates a provision of this chapter shall be subject to injunctive relief to restrain the person from continuing the violation or threat of violation. (Ord. 99-021 § 2, 1999. 2004 Code § 10.01.030.)