Chapter 18.64


18.64.010    Intent.

18.64.020    Use regulations. Revised 8/18

18.64.030    Standards. Revised 8/18

18.64.010 Intent.

The GC district is intended to provide for a wide variety of retail, office, wholesale, personal service and other general service uses for the consumer population of large segments of the community. Because of the potential for heavy traffic and the appearance and performance of these uses, this district is located on the periphery of residential areas and at the intersections of arterial and major collector streets and roads. (Ord. 88-010 § 2, 1988. 2004 Code § 18.34.010.)

18.64.020 Use regulations. Revised 8/18

A. Permitted Uses. In the GC, general commercial district, permitted uses are:

1. Any permitted use in the LC district;

2. Agriculture, indoor;

3. Aircraft and marine parts and equipment stores;

4. Aircraft and marine sales and service;

5. Amusement establishments;

6. Animal hospitals and veterinary clinics;

7. Antique shops;

8. Athletic clubs;

9. Automobile accessory stores;

10. Automobile and other motor vehicle sales;

11. Automobile car washes, self-service and automatic;

12. Automobile service and repair;

13. Automobile service stations;

14. Automobile, truck and trailer rental agencies;

15. Banks and other financial institutions;

16. Banquet halls;

17. Bicycle stores, sales, rental and repair;

18. Bingo parlors and gambling halls;

19. Blueprinting and photocopying establishments;

20. Book, stationery and school supply stores;

21. Brewpub;

22. Business, public and governmental offices;

23. Camera stores, sales and repair;

24. Candy and ice cream stores;

25. Catalog stores;

26. Catering establishments and other food vending services;

27. Clothing stores;

28. Clubs and lodges, private, fraternal and religious;

29. Communications tower, major;

30. Communications tower, minor;

31. Convenience establishments;

32. Convention, exhibition and civic centers, and auditoriums;

33. Department stores;

34. Distillery, craft;

35. Drive-in restaurants;

36. Drug stores greater than 5,000 square feet in gross floor area;

37. Electrical and household appliance stores, sales and repair;

38. Employment agencies;

39. Farm equipment sales and service;

40. Food stores, grocery stores, meat markets, bakeries, delicatessens, greater than 5,000 square feet in gross floor area;

41. Furniture stores, storage and repair;

42. Furriers, sales, storage and repair;

43. Garden supply and seed stores;

44. Gift and souvenir stores and novelty shops;

45. Hardware stores;

46. Health centers;

47. Hobby shops;

48. Hospitals and medical centers and heliports as an accessory use; and research centers;

49. Hotels and motels;

50. Interior decorating stores;

51. Jewelry stores;

52. Libraries;

53. Liquor stores;

54. Locksmiths;

55. Marijuana product manufacturing facility, limited, in conjunction with a retail marijuana store on the same site;

56. Marijuana testing facility;

57. Microbrewery;

58. Mobile home and travel trailer sales;

59. Mobile home or permanent home to be used as a dwelling unit by the owner of a business or by a watchman, caretaker, manager and family when located on the premises where they are employed in such capacity;

60. Musical instrument stores, sales and repair;

61. Newspaper offices;

62. Office supply stores;

63. Outside storage and warehouses incidental and subordinate to the principal use of the property;

64. Paint, glass and wallpaper stores;

65. Parcel delivery and mail order services;

66. Parking garages;

67. Parking lots, as a principal use;

68. Pawn shops;

69. Pet stores and animal grooming shops;

70. Photography supply, developing and processing stores;

71. Plumbing and heating service and equipment stores;

72. Post offices;

73. Printing and publishing establishments;

74. Public utility and service uses including, but not limited to: fire stations, transfer stations, neighborhood dumpsters, public dumping sites, electric substations, gas regulator stations, sewage treatment plants, well and water pumping stations, water filtration plants, water reservoirs and other similar uses. These uses do not include the installation and maintenance of public utility lines which are permitted uses in all zoning districts;

75. Radio and television broadcasting studios;

76. Record stores;

77. Rental services;

78. Restaurants, lounges, liquor establishments, cafes and tea rooms;

79. Retail marijuana store;

80. Self-storage establishments;

81. Shoe stores, sales and repair;

82. Sporting goods stores;

83. Stadiums, arenas and fairgrounds;

84. Suntan parlors;

85. Taxicab stands and dispatching offices;

86. Taxidermists;

87. Theaters and movie houses;

88. Tobacco shops;

89. Toy stores;

90. Upholstery stores;

91. Variety and discount stores;

92. Welding, incidental and subordinate to the principal use of the property;

93. Wholesaling and distribution operations, including incidental assembly or processing of goods for sale on the premises but excluding any associated truck or rail freight terminals.

B. Conditional Uses. In the GC, general commercial district, conditional uses are:

1. Airports, heliports, aircraft landing fields and associated buildings essential in the operation of these uses;

2. Animal boarding and breeding facilities;

3. Building contractor’s office and material storage;

4. Building material sales and storage, retail, as a principal use;

5. Bus and train stations and terminals;

6. Large scale development;

7. Lumberyards;

8. Marijuana cultivation facility, indoor large;

9. Marijuana cultivation facility, indoor small;

10. Marijuana cultivation facility, indoor unlimited;

11. Marijuana product manufacturing facility, limited;

12. Outside storage, as a principal use;

13. Shooting range, outdoor;

14. Travel trailer parks and campgrounds;

15. Warehouses;

16. Watersports facility;

17. Welding, as a principal use;

18. Wholesaling and distribution operations including any associated truck and rail freight terminals;

19. Zoos and animal parks. (Ord. 2018-14 § 3, 2018; Ord. 2017-14 §§ 7, 8, 2017; Ord. 2016-41 § 4, 2016; Ord. 2015-67 § 8, 2016; Ord. 2015-41 §§ 9, 10, 2015; Ord. 2014-23 § 3, 2014; Ord. 2012-58 §§ 2, 3, 5, 2013; Ord. 2009-05 § 10, 2009; Ord. 2006-82 § 4, 2007; Ord. 98-032 § 4, 1998; Ord. 93-003 §§ 2, 3, 1993; Ord. 92-038 § 2, 1992; Ord. 90-006 § 4, 1990; Ord. 88-010 § 2, 1988. 2004 Code § 18.34.020.)

18.64.030 Standards. Revised 8/18

In the GC, general commercial district, geometric standards are:

A. Lot Area. There shall be no minimum lot area except as may be required by the State of Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation in areas where community sewer and water is unavailable.

B. Required Yards for Buildings.

1. Front yard shall not be less than 20 feet;

2. Side and rear yards shall not be required, except as provided herein. Where a lot’s side and/or rear lot line abuts property in the rural and agricultural (RA-40, RA-20, RA-10, RA-5), rural farmstead (RF-4, RF-2), rural estate (RE-4, RE-2), rural residential (RR), single-family residential (SF-20, SF-10, SF-5) two-family residential (TF), multiple-family residential (MF) and multiple-family residential/professional office (MFO) districts, the required side and/or rear yard shall be 10 feet. This distance may be reduced to five feet if a sight obscuring screen, not less than six feet in height, is provided.

C. Building Height. Unlimited.

D. Exceptions to Yard, Lot Area, and Building Height Requirements. See Chapter 18.96 FNSBC.

E. Parking. See Chapter 18.96 FNSBC.

F. Signs. See Chapter 18.96 FNSBC. (Ord. 2018-12 § 7, 2018; Ord. 93-006 § 4, 1993; Ord. 88-010 § 2, 1988. 2004 Code § 18.34.030.)