Chapter 18.80


18.80.010    Intent.

18.80.020    Use regulations.

18.80.030    Standards.

18.80.010 Intent.

This district is intended to protect mineralized areas from the intrusions of incompatible land uses, to allow active exploration for and development of mineral resources, and to allow development necessary to carry out the recovery of mineral resources. This district is further intended to limit structural development of nonmineral related uses that would conflict with future mineral development. This district is intended to complement, and not be in lieu of, any applicable federal and state law. (Ord. 88-010 § 2, 1988. 2004 Code § 18.42.010.)

18.80.020 Use regulations.

A. Permitted Uses. In the ML, mineral lands district, permitted uses are:

1. All on-site uses directly related to mineral exploration, extraction and processing, such as, but not limited to: drilling, dredging, prospecting, mining, transportation materials, ore crushing, smelting, housing for owners, managers and workers, parking lots, storage and repair of equipment, and similar compatible uses;

2. All secondary or accessory uses in support of mining activities;

3. Bed and breakfast homestay;

4. Bed and breakfast residence;

5. Communications tower, major;

6. Communications tower, minor;

7. Timber harvest, except that such harvest shall not be a basis for restricting mining activity;

8. Outdoor recreational land uses are permitted as long as no building improvements are made without first obtaining a conditional use permit, except that such activity shall not be a basis for restricting mining activity;

9. Trade/technical/vocational school.

B. Conditional Uses. In the ML, mineral lands district, conditional uses are:

1. Biosolids application when used for agricultural purposes or beneficial land application;

2. Livestock grazing;

3. Outdoor recreation uses shall be considered similar and compatible uses as long as they do not conflict with current or future mining activities through use or improvement;

4. Utility installations;

5. Harvesting of timber. (Ord. 2012-58 §§ 2, 3, 5, 2013; Ord. 2012-22 § 10, 2012; Ord. 2009-05 § 11, 2009; Ord. 93-064 § 5, 1994; Ord. 89-099 § 12, 1990; Ord. 89-037 § 2, 1989; Ord. 88-010 § 2, 1988. 2004 Code § 18.42.020.)

18.80.030 Standards.

In the ML, mineral lands district, geometric standards are:

A. Lot Area. There shall be no minimum lot area except as may be required by any applicable state laws.

B. Required Yards for All Buildings and Extraction Activities. Front, side and rear yards shall not be required.

C. Building Height. No limitation.

D. Exceptions to Yard and Building Height Requirements. See Chapter 18.96 FNSBC.

E. Parking. See Chapter 18.96 FNSBC.

F. Signs. See Chapter 18.96 FNSBC. (Ord. 88-010 § 2, 1988. 2004 Code § 18.42.030.)